How much can i mod my Skyrim?

Hello teksyndicate community! I recently build my first pc, and was lucky enough to participate on steam winter sale(which by the way IS as awesome as make it sound). Amoungs otherS i grabed Skyrim, for the obvious reasons

I've seen the thread on HOW to mod skyrim, but i just want to know until where i can mod it. So if you could tell me that i would appreciate it, and while we're at it could you also recommend your favorite mods.

My specs:

CPU- AMD FX6300 w/ stock cooler

GPU- MSI R9 270X

8GB of RAM

MoBo- MSI 970A G43 

Skyrim, especially modded, is pretty CPU intensive. Turn down the shadows if you're going to use graphics mod and DON'T use Bethesda buggy-ass 'HD' texture pack and you'll be fine with lots of mods.

Antill your computer explodes! 

If you over mod you can allways take some mods and disable them its no biggy.

well s#@t! i downloaded the free skyrim DLC from steam. how do i not use it?

Grab 2k textures for everything you can find,
aMidianBorn book of silence retextures for anything you'd like,
ultimate HD fire effects are sexy, Skyrim Flora overhaul,
Enhanced lights and FX or Realistic lighting overhaul
any ENB that you can either tune down or up to your liking.

I'm running a similar system with a 1GB 7850 OC-d, and I'm running all that I've mentioned + more at 1080p with playable framerates.
It can be done!