How much are my Vintage Sansui Speakers worth?

I have a pair of Sansui Sp 2000s and Sansui Sp 5000s along with a Sansui QRX 7001 amp. I've looked these products up on ebay and the Sp 5000s were going for $800 and the European version of my amp (It's all wood) is going for $1899... Are people on ebay crack heads, or can I actually expect similar prices? They are all in perfect condition.

ebay people are nuts , you can find people trying to sell windows 9x machines for 750$.

honestly , tower speakers despite whatever brand they may be , aren't worth much. You can find a lot them at garage sales and craigslist. most cheap 5.1 7.1 systems sound a lot better.

Yes and no.

Sansui is kind of a collectors brand.

There are a few sansui amps that actually do go for crazy money, and there is stuff that doesn't.

The price is going to completely depend on what people want to pay.

For the SP 2000 and the receiver, I would not expect any more than 300 for both.

The 5000s on the other hand might go for 400+.

I would put everything on ebay with a reserve price of a 100 bucks for the receiver and the sp2000

and then put the 5000s up with a reserve price of 200.

If something doesn't sell, consider using them yourself. They are pretty kick ass speakers.

Also, if you go back to where ever you found these things, you need to look for old stuff that uses vacuum tubes.

Sansui+vacuum tubes = $$$$$$

You could go ask over at . There are a lot of people who have been in the audio industry for years over there who could probably give you a good idea of what they are worth.

Thanks... I sold it all for $1000. I put them all on craigslist and somebody eagerly contacted me.

I wouldn't say most sound better. The only down side to these speakers is that they need a power full amp to drive them. Luckly I have a qsc avaible with preamps and I probably pushed them 95%-98% their max.... I just know i didn't blow them...