How many watts do i need

I'm looking at building a min itx build in the bitfenix prodigy with the ASUS GTX670, ASUS P8H77-I LGA 1155, CORSAIR VENGEANCE and the Intel core i5-3570 and 2x 1tb hard drives.

so what type of PSU should i get?

I recommend this one...

It's more than plenty for your system.  It's 80+ bronze certified and is made of high quality parts (which is what I would expect from a rebranded Seasonic PSU).  It's one of the best entry level PSUs out there.



What he said. 

$60 will get you a Rosewill Capstone 450, which is a higher-rated efficiency, and overall better build quality than the XFX.

It's also 100w less, and outputs only 37 amps on the 12v rail vs the XFX which puts out 44 amps.  This could be important if the OP plans on upgrading to a GPU (or another part) that requires the extra juice.

But if he doesn't, and let's be realistic, then a 450W will be a better choice in the long run.


It could be.  Not trying to discredit the Rosewill.  It's a solid option for the money.  :)

I'm a little bit jelly because in Europe $60 will get you only FSP and Chieftec.


Anyway, I'd go for wattage instead of efficiency. 

my budget is about $1000

Two small options, one in the TJ08B-E, which is about the size of the Prodigy, but mATX, so more expansion options, and one is the same rig, but with a PSU large enough for another 760. and

One has a Seasonic G 360, which is the perfect sized PSU for a single GPU rig, and is very efficient, with a low(er) ripple, and solid load line regulation. The second one has a Seasonic G 550, which would handle dual 760s easily, and has plenty of amperage on the 12V rail to do so, with the same low ripple, and high build quality.

Instead of a 670, you should get the 760. It is a cheaper, faster alternative to the 670. EVGA makes solid cards, has a great warranty/RMA service (for GPUs), and comes with a great software for GPU overclocking.

Get a single 2TB HDD; cheaper for the same amount of storage.

Plenty of room for overclocking with the Phanteks PH-TC14PE, and if you don't overclock, or just not much, then you could even run passive for ideal a super quiet rig.

Fast memory with a low CL, at 1.5V. Matches the Gigabye Z87M motherboard well, and is cheap enough.

No reason to get Ivy when you can get Haswell.

But, on the subect of the PSU, yes, you only need a 350W PSU for a single GPU, and a 550 for dual GPUs. The Seasonic G series are fantastic units, I highly recommend.