How many podcasts are normal?

I’m told that listening to 3 or 4 podcasts is normal…

I listen to like… Solid… 25 a week. Each individual ones. All the JB, some news ones, podcastaddict can even download youtube channels as podcasts so I pull down L1, WAN, TotalBiscuit, VICE…

Like, I’m now listening to as many podcasts as I listen to music.

Title stands.


Thats quite a lot :stuck_out_tongue: I listen to allmost all JB and some others, I think about 14 a week, some are bi-weekly though

Yeah… The problem is I’m looking for more Xd

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I don’t listen to any podcasts, so I guess you’re just making up for my lack of content consumption.

Sam Harris is a fluke, Ham Sarris is much better

I’ve become a huge podcast fan over the past couple of years. I almost never listen to music, so I don’t feel like I’m missing anything on that front. Any time I’m spending ~15 minutes or more not trying to read or communicate, but just working with my hands, I put on a podcast.

I personally like the Permies Podcast, as it is the most information dense podcast series I have ever listened to, but they don’t come out regularly. I listen to some of the ones listed on the left side of the Distrowatch homepage, and several other random ones that I may or may not hunt down regularly. The one that got me started was Hello Internet with CGP Grey and Brady Haran. Hardcore History is also top notch if you like that kind of stuff.

I think it is really awesome to get work done and learn at the same time. Whether it is doing dishes, mowing the lawn, fixing cars or more, I can always pop in a cheapo Bluetooth earpiece and listen to something. I use my phone mostly for listening to podcasts. Sometimes I want to brush up on learning some things, or sometimes I just put on some silly comedy to make things less of a grind. I went from a podcast denier to an addict!

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I also listen to Critical Role, maybe worth to look into if you like D&D

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25 podcasts is quite a lot lol, but if you can fit them in your routine and you like them all, i really can’t see any issues.
I think i listen to only 3 or 4 weekly, that is Level1Techs, TheSmokingTire, RegularCarReviews and casually i listen to Tavarish.
I also used to listen to a local humor podcast called “Pretinho Básico” that started on FM Radio and eventually became a podcast, but it has lost its charm.

25 is definitely too much IMHO…
I have a total of 3-4 regulars, a couple, that I’m not really all that invested in, but I check every now and again and that’s it.
Basically I have one for every day of the week, but 25… That’s like a 50 hours of podcasting a week.

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I guess Podcasts are the new radio- you can listen all day at work/commuting

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I just did a tally and I’m subscribed to 47, of which about 35 are regularly updated. It’s actually so much content, I cancelled my music subscription and upped my Patreon donations. There are some really great quality podcasts out there, but holy crap it’s getting out of hand.


I’d say it averages to 1 each day, I like watching JRE, and Bill Burr is the only guy I’m just listening
I like listening music while working
Then I like just watching content few hours each evening, and there has been times when listening is the only option which has been just torment :smiley:
and I dont multitask, l very rarely even set music/podcast while playing vidaeyo games, like once a week


I’d say if I were to listen podcasts while working on things, or while playing vidaeyo games, it’d go to similar 25 I guess?

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