How many of you believe in spirits, or out of body experiences?

While sitting down in the living room with my family today, we began talking about religion, and spirits, and other things. Talking about this reminded me of a time when I was younger.

When I was about 7 years old, my sisters and I came home from school earlier than expected, and found that nobody was home to open the door for us. We sat there for a while waiting impatiently for our parents to come home. (FYI we didn't live in a good area. It was a ghetto.) After about half an hour of waiting, We started banging on the door and shouted for someone to open. We knew that nobody was home, but we just wanted to go in. At that moment, I put my forehead against the door and and began to tap it against it repeatedly, with both hands against it. After several times of doing that, the door shook and opened.

That's been bothering me for a while now. Please keep an open mind, or don't even bother posting... What could have cause a locked door to open like that? Since we lived in a bad area, we had three locks. One lock was on the knob, the other was a dead bolt, and the last was one of the chained ones. The chained one wasn't latched. Only the other two were locked.

Perhaps it was a supernatural occurrence? (sorry if my spelling or grammer's off.)

Well, one time I thought I saw a ghost, but it was just a Blockbuster that wasn't replaced by anything else yet.


It could've easily of been tension betwixt your actions and the locks that opened it. Since you lived-in the ghetto it may have been possible that the locks weren't up to par to what they should've been. I personally don't believe in the supernatural however if something proved it's existence I might.

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For an interesting read on the subject check out the Believing Brain

Nope, not even a little. I do think our brain plays tricks on us though, sees things that arent really there. Always a rational explanation.


I believe in out of body experiences because I have tried them. I did angel trumpet tea (do for fucks sake not do that, ever!). What followed was 3 whole days with out of body experiences, talking to dead relatives and friends who wasn't there. I also spoke to a demon like creature that walked out off my wall. I observed it calmly as it walked into my living room and it showed signs of shock and discomfort when it realized I was following it with my eyes and looked directly at it. So it tried to communicate but I couldn't understand a word. I made it tea and we sat down for a cultural exchange speaking each our own language.

Turned out to be a nice fella even if I didn't understand a word it was saying. I got these flashes of some kind of visual telepathic never touched the tea. I guess demons don't like earl grey. Muslims I came to know later in my life whom I told about the experience said it was a ยจ'jinn' and that I was lucky to have met a friendly one. Hippie types I know who are into the whole neo-shamanism thing said I met the goddess of the plant, which given that she likes you will let you leave her realm with an experience for life and enlightenment, but if she doesn't like you, will turn you barking mad or kill you. I'm not so sure it was real though.

edit. I have to add for the sake of any would be copy cats that when you drink the tea. What follows at first is a nightmare. You feel sick, you feel like you are dying. You become paralyzed and unable to move, the worlds spins wildly and walls and ceiling stretches in and out like the room is breathing and then suddenly from one moment to the next it stops and you are gone, long gone. What happens afterwards was in no way scary, it felt like ordinary reality. I had no sense of being high or drugged up like other psychedelics will do. If you take LSD you are in no doubt that you are fucked up and why. It was more like suddenly getting a wider visual frequency range. Coincidentally you are very far sighted for a week after coming down ,making it impossible to read anything close up.

Our universe didn't came from nothing, reality is an illusion, yada, yada yada. +1 from here I guess. It' doesn't work how you might think it does though. Out of body experiences doesn't go out of body, you don't have a body in the first place. Not until you collapse the wave function by observing, which means conciseness is fundamental to physical reality. Reality is rooted in some kind of a data system, conciseness is a sub function of that data system. Spirits are just interpreted data. There's no such thing as "super natural" there's only natural.

Here :

and here :

and btw please quit watching tv , fucking please .

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Well I nearly died (drowned) in a swimming pool and did have an experience. I put it down to my brain running out of fuel (oxygen) and tripping out while crashing. I did eventually spew out half my lungs of water and pant like a dog until the hospital stuck oxygen up my nose. It took several days for my lungs to absorb the rest of the water in my lungs. Im lucky it was a salt water pool and not a chlorine one.

i believe there's a world out there that our senses cant detect. scientifically it's true. we cant see radio waves or infrared radiation. the world is created in our minds through our interface with reality that is our body's senses.
when you do psychedelics this becomes immediately clear.
how ever im not completely convinced you had a supernatural experiences. it obviously happened a long time ago and you could be recalling it differently than it happened. esp since you were 7 years old at the time and would be more inclined to believe in the supernatural. i mean when we were kids that was pretty much how everything worked.

can you prove it? think you watched the matrix too many times.

christ, glad you're here with us

I can give you empirical evidence. Here are some:
There's more, but you're the one that needs to be looking.

Also, there's no such thing as watching the matrix too many times. :P

I think our minds are so complex it is still beyond us. Electrochemical crazy makes it all happen. Give it 50 more years and we wont be so stupid.

Gather around children and hear my spooky story. Many months ago I was cleaning my central vacuum cleaner's filter, and thus I had to enter the dreaded basement of horrors. While I was opening the basement trapdoor, my two lazy cats gathered around to observe the commotion. After the trapdoor was opened, the two normally lazy and uninterested cats suddenly became overwhelmed by the stench of horror and death in the atmosphere, and sprinted upstairs to safety. I was hesitant at first, but the filter had to be cleaned no matter what, so I descended into the basement and turned on my flashlight... You'll never believe what I saw.

This is an interesting topic to me and I hope I can freely share my thoughts/beliefs here and be respected. :)

Before I say anything, just understand this; I'm not trying to give a sermon or anything. I'm merely stating it like it is as I believe it to be true. Some of what I say may make sense to some, and might not to others. If you disagree, that's fine. Just please be respectful. Thanks. :)

I'm a Christian and with that, I believe in God and that the Bible is His spoken Word. That being said, I believe the Bible to be absolutely true. What the Bible says about these things is basically as follows:

There is a physical world and there is a spiritual world/realm. Both exist in reality and both are among us.

We are all made up of 2 parts; body (flesh) and spirit (consciousness, your "self"). The body is not eternal, but the spirit is. According to the Bible, there are no such things as ghosts and people who have died, their spirits do not "linger" in our world nor interact in our world with people who are still alive. When we die, you (your spirit) goes to one of only 2 places; heaven or hell. According to scripture, there is no "limbo".

There is, however, such things as angels and demons. A demon is a fallen angel who are followers of satan, who were cast out of heaven. What most people encounter, I believe, are demons. When someone claims they have seen or spoken to a long lost loved one, it is a demon. Mediums and psychics sometimes can and do retrieve specific information only that that deceased person could possibly know and that's because they are told this by a demon. They are everywhere, they are supernatural, smart, cunning and devious. They want nothing but to separate people from God and by tricking people into believing their dead relative from WW1 is speaking to them from "the spirit world" is very deceiving and contrary to Biblical truth. People's spirits do not "visit" from heaven nor hell. Demons can make themselves visible to people in many forms. The more people they can get to believe in "ghosts" (spirits of people from the past) the more they keep them from knowing God's Word. They do this to people all the time by making things happen, noises, apparitions, you name it.

I don't believe in aliens either. Again, I believe in angels and demons. What people claim to be aliens, or have seen them, been abducted by them, it's not. It's demons, keeping those people in fear of the unknown, in fear of "aliens" and keeping them believing in aliens, basically anything to keep people from God.

Now, it's not all doom and gloom though, I don't want to only talk about demons, lol. Angels are also among us. There is a war being waged for our minds, it is a spiritual war. Angels are among us to protect against demonic forces and do God's work. Some people may encounter angels as a person (you wouldn't know it at the time) or may have been protected in an accident through inexplicable circumstances, etc. They are also everywhere and do help people.

Usually when someone tells me of an experience they had, it's pretty clear (according to Spricture) whether it was demonic or not. The question to ask is; does this coincide with scripture? If it doesn't, then it most certainly was demonic.

Now I just want to say a few more things, just so those of you who actually read this will understand - I don't automatically think nor believe that every single unexplained phenomenon is due to supernatural activity (demonic or angelic or Godly). In some cases, yes I believe it can and has been, but for the majority, no, I believe there are perfectly reasonable physical and natural explanations. It just very well could be that in some such cases, we simply haven't found that explanation and perhaps never will. That doesn't automatically make it a "supernatural event". I think some religious people take that mentality a bit too far at times and IMO, that can actually make them more susceptible to demonic influence.

So yeah, that's basically the Biblical take on this subject. I could go on for hours about this stuff but I don't think the majority of you would appreciate that. ;)


I think out of body experiences aka hallucination is the brains way of coping with pain. I honesty don't think the white lights are real. I'm not an atheist by the way however I think there is a scientific explanation for everything.

The brain is so complex I think it will take more than 50 years to fully understand its capabilities and how it performs them.