How many monitors can you connect?

So, here's my story, I'm a part  time software developer/ part time student.

For my job as a software developer I use my PC a lot (of course) and my 3 monitors that I have connected to my GTX 670.

Now, I always work with my apps full screen and I don't like to need to manually switch windows (via the taskbar), so i like to have all the windows that I need open at all times, the problem now is that I have more windows open then I have monitors.

Now my question, if I add a second GTX 670 (or I can even replace then with GTX 660's to reduce the costs), will I be able to run more then 4 monitors? I would prefer 6 monitors (3x2) or maybe even 8 (4x2) in the future (who knows).

I do also game on that PC, but only on a single monitor, so surround really isn't necessary.

I really do prefer Nvidia above AMD because I really don't like the AMD drivers and really like the look of my EVGA 670 FTW (fits perfectly in my case).


I really would like to hear your opinion on this mater.

I know with the some of the AMD cards you can hook 6 monitors up on a single card, which is pretty awesome.

As long as it's not in SLI mode, unless they changed something, yes, two individual cards can run more than 4 monitors.  And what skullabyss said is true, but those cards you need active display port adapters, which can get pricey.

Thanks, just what i needed to know.

Now, next question, does anyone know any good 8-monitor stands? :D

I'm thinking of maybe just buying 4 Arctic Cooling Z2's (

Ergotech is generally a good company, go on amazon and see what they have.  Good luck man, as a digital content creator, I would kill for an extra 2 monitors, working in premiere and AFX at the same time, AND still have a window for Internet and Foobar, good times.

Yeah, that would be perfect, except for the price $1,293.60 :P

Amazon has several chinese knock offs that from what I heard are decent, or check ebay and see if you get one used, if all else fails, you can make a terrible one out of parts from homedepot lol.