How many linux users on Tek Syndicate?

Hey guys, I am new to Tek Syndicate. I have been using linux since 2005. Xubuntu 13.10 is my daily driver. I do all my youtube editing and normal activities in linux. I am curious how many users on Tek Syndicate use linux as their daily driver (daily use machine). Chime in please.

I use Linux Mint xfce on my netbook. I don't do much on it other than take notes in class, play Minecraft at 15 fps (its so impressive, I know), use my schools wireless to downloads loads of crap And host a small Minecraft server (less than 5 people) with it. I use it about 20+ hours a week.

I don't use anything else. 

I've only recently begun tampering with Linux (ubuntu 12.04). Making a dual boot pc was very entertaining for me 

I use Linux less than I use Windows, but my laptop is dual booted with Linux mint (going to become sabayon when I get around to it), I also have a raspberry pi and a USB drive with Fedora floating around

Coincidentally I just put together a bootable USB with Manjaro on it. I kind of want to try it out a bit.


I am worried about reducing the real life usability of a machine considering the whole windows centric thing of the professional world. I'd say most of the problem is I have only ever used a windows OS of some description, well there was a couple of macs in my primary school many years ago. They had lemmings on it so that was fun haha. Linux based OS just seem to offer more of what I want and certainly more future in a general sense. Worth knowing even if the windows thing puts a little extra effort on me for the time being.


A thread recently on have a full windows os running on a VM by a user was very interesting.
It seemed to be describing a genuine 'cake and eat it' too solution! I'm going to look that up again this evening I think.


Looked it up and it was Zoltan of course:


Using it almost exclusively since 1996. Last time I fired up Windows was in April last year I think, to play a game. That was in a kvm container, that is still on my NAS for when I would want to start it up again on some machine. Every time I have booted Windows in the last decade, it has taken longer for a mundaine driver update than it takes Gentoo to do a full distro upgrade from source, and at least Gentoo works afterwards, so I really try to avoid starting Windows. I've not used it for such a long time, that I just don't get along with Windows, I think it has a very annoying interface and it just can't do what I use my computers most for, Windows has so little applications, and everything is so unorganized, fragmented and illogical, it's really frustrating for me. For testing a Windows game these days, I run it in wine and throw an obscene amount of computing and graphics power at it, that almost always works really well and without much problems.

Since last year, my companies, my family, and my parents, are all finally completely liberated of Windows on bare metal. My wife still runs a Windows kvm container on Manjaro and Mageia for Adobe CC, but that's it, and that Windows has been cannibalized as much as possible to make it run fast and with minimal overhead.

I use multiple distros, every distro has its forte, I try to always use the best distro for the job.

For the moment, most of my production PC's are on Mageia 4, most of my experimenting PC's are on Gentoo or Sabayon or Arch or Manjaro or Mageia Cauldron or Fedora Rawhide, most of my ARM machines are on Arch, Debian and Android, my x86 servers are on SuSE (EE) and Mageia, my virtual servers are on Debian.

Both of my craptop's run linux and my main pc has a dual boot of windows 7+debian 7

To answer your question, not enough linux users.

I've switched to linux as my only OS in December, and I have enjoyed it immensly. It has been a complete pleasure to use Arch Linux with KDE (went through a few DEs before deciding).


The only reason I still have a windows box hanging around on my main desktop is for gaming. I use Linux mostly and have a machine or two with FreeBSD.

I run linux on my server as well as on a few VMs and I run it on my laptop which I use most of the time. My gaming pc and HTPC still run windows but only because there isn't a linux alternative to the software I use.



My main difficulty with the move has been from a productive side of things. Gaming is something I do a lot of, when I can, but if I honestly look at my more general usage it's basically all web/media and productive time in roughly equal measure.


As such, my deciding factor is productivity. If possible would you speak more about what kind of productive tasks you carry out and how easy/difficult that is to accomplish? As well as the limits in you set up as you see them.


If you have discussed that elsewhere pointing me there would be appreciated.



Oh, additionally: distros and their fortes, where would Manjaro fall on this spectrum? It is the distro I have selected to start on (partially to just pick one and get going, not afraid to distro hop if I need to) and I would be interested to here about it's strong and weak points if you have the time.

Sabayon Linux on my main desktop.

Debian on my NAS

Firefox os and Anroid on my phone

Arch here.

Arch Linux here - Manjaro net install with LXDM/LXDE ;) want to go Gentoo soon though :)

I am currently running Manjaro with KVM passthrough for Windows 7.  The HTPC runs XBMCbuntu, DAW runs on Ubuntu Studio 13.10, and all the laptops in the house use Linux Mint 16.  Besides that I have multiple VMs that run a variety of Linux and BSD.


Gentoo, Arch, Fedora and learning LFS.

I just finished flashing my entire system now that I have two SSDs installed. I'm running Windows 7 and LMDE, both Cinnamon and XFCE, and this will be longterm, as far as I can tell. I much prefer using Linux because I like the system and scripting, but if I ever need any proprietary pieces, I go to Windows. That said, I mostly don't need it, because anything on the Internet could easily be done via Linux, and a lot of the labs that I have to do for my programming class this semester I access by SSH, which I could do in Windows with third-party software, but I prefer eliminating the middle man as much as possible.

As far as distros I have used or prefer, Linux Mint has tended to be my cup of tea. Beyond LM, I've also used Ubuntu, which I can't stand, SteamOS, which is a little too much of a bother for me (I like games, but somehow, I like playing with systems more), and Debian, which was a little bland yet strict. I've also tried ArchLinux, which I didn't end up installing because of driver and package issues. I've also downloaded other distros, but for whatever reason I couldn't get them to boot from USB. As for desktop environments, Cinnamon is my favorite DE I've used by far, though I was introduced to XFCE not too long ago and have been toying around with it a little. I (of course) detest Unity and largely dislike Gnome 3 - I haven't had much experience outside of those so far.

Ubuntu Touch on my phone

I've been on linux since 2002 I think, that's when I got my first computer really.

I have to use windows for work usually, but that's it, i have some vms with windows when I need to do a freelance that requires visual studio. I might also install barebones on a new desktop and dualboot if kvm with PCI passthrough doesn't work on my new build incase I want to play some widows exclusive games that won't run with wine, but that's not happening for now, so yes add me to the list