How many FPS?

looking at a 500 dollar budget gaming build, and this rig acheived 70.8 fps on bf3 medium settings 1920x1080, this was on the single player campaign, was wondering if anyone could estimate, what the online multiplayer fps would be for same settings?    

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I'd assume it to be fairly similar, but you've honestly given us no information about the system itself. Also, with BF3 the resolution effects the frame rate much more than the quality, no reason it shouldn't be set to the highest settings, it would still get like 55FPS.



I'm going to assume the 70,8 fps is a maximum value. And in multiplayer, especially in large battles you're not going to see such numbers unless you put everything to low and decrease resolution.

With that said, it will handle BF3. But don't expect 70 fps on average.

Ah, one of those toss away builds... Yeah I'd expect similar performance in multiplayer, get a room full of players and the CPU may start to choke so might go down a bit, but I wouldn't predict a massive drop.

With that said, please don't go for these wonky toss away builds. The reason I call them toss away builds is because any upgrade you attempt is going to be painful and you'll need to toss many of the components during the upgrade process. They are, in their own way, more super charged consoles than PCs. 

To use this build as an example, that CPU is going to choke almost anything you do on the system, thus it would likely be the first thing you'd want to upgrade. You could upgrade to an i3, but its a bit too minor of an upgrade to justify the cost. Instead an upgrade to an i5 would be more preferable, but dropping an i5 into that mobo is also a waste of money, so you'd probably want to upgrade the mobo as well. Had this build started with an i3, the CPU upgrade wouldn't be nearly as required nearly as quickly. 4GB of mem isn't enough these days, but dropping more in isn't exactly costly. Any GPU upgrades would have to come after the CPU upgrades, lest the CPU become an even greater bottleneck. I could continue but I think I've more or less illustrated my point, keep upgrade paths in mind when building a PC, don't go for a kamakazi build that will work for now but burn you later.

Agree on that the motherboard is not a very sound choice, mainly because you can get an ATX board with 4 DIMM slots for just a few bucks more

I'd have to disagree with your statement that "4GB isn't enough these days" though, it's perfectly fine unless you're a heavy multitasker (talking normal gaming user here). You are right that RAM is cheap and usually you can just go with 8GB because well, it's cheap. But 4GB is still perfectly fine for a tight budget. If it's between getting 8GB RAM or a better CPU/GPU, pick the CPU/GPU.


@CloudScorpion can you suggest a gaming build for around $500

A suggestion:

Not definitive, you can search around for even better deals, but it's better than your original build. And you can throw in a Hyper 212+ or Hyper TX3 cooler if you want, though I don't think that's necessary immidiately.

thanks spittis