How many fans can I use on this motherboard?

Since I'm going to be buying a Fractal Design R4 Black Pearl w/ window, I wanted to take advantage of the window and use aftermarket fans with white LEDs to make my internals look like their on display. And because it would look sexy as hell.

My question is how many fans can I plug into my Gigabyte 990FXA UD5? I did a close up look on Newegg and saw only 2 fan outlets. :(

The case comes with pre-installed 2, 140mm fans- exhaust and intake. I wanted to buy 2 more 140mm except their going to be white LED fans and put them on the top mounted fan slots in the case to have light dripping over my hardware. I am also going to remove the 5 drive bays in my case to I can get better airflow from my intake fan.


The fans will probably come with molex adapters so if you don't mind running them in 12v you'll be able to plug them in to your PSU instead of the motherboard. Or you can get some fan splitters, I'm not sure what the limit is on how many fans you can run off a single motherboard fan header before something catches fire :P

Looks like the board has connectors for 3 fans plus the CPU fan

Oh god I hope nothing catches fire. :O

I'm using a Corsair CX 600W PSU. Is there any other power supply that would be better? I need at least 600W anyway. I don't mind running the fans at 12v all the time. Besides, the case is dead silent from what reviews I've heard.

So the 2 pre-installed fans would take up 2/3 of the slots. Plus one aftermarket fan. I really want 2 LED fans. As stated above, I could use my PSU to run 1 or 2 fans anyway. :D

if you don't mind them at full power all the time, then you could fill the case with fans untill you had no more empty space for a fan

just an example

Haha you'll be fine, I think you'd have to run some silly number of fans off one header to do any damage. And yeah, 600w should be fine and corsair make nice PSUs, it'll power any single graphics card system and most dual systems too. I have the same board with an 8350 running on a 400w PSU, the graphics card is just an old 6670 or something like that but 600 is plenty these days.

Ooo, that would be helpful if I had more fans. I'm only going to be using 4 fans- 1 for front intake, 2 for top intake, 1 for rear exhaust. The two fans I'm going to be using are here. They come with a MOLEX PSU adapter/extender so I guess I'm all set. 

Thanks for the help!

The fans that come preinstalled in the case probably won't come with molex adapters, so you'll plug them in to you're board, the LED ones you get will probably come with adapters so just plug them in to a molex plug from your PSU and everything will be fine. So you shouldn't need any extra splitters or adapters :)

Wow, 400W!? That seems like not enough buy I guess from what what you saw it's fine. 

I debated on either to get the XFX 550W or the Corsair 600W. Turns out I need the 600W to power my R9 280X, and my FX 8350. Plus the modular unit helps out with my fan problem that is solved. I can't wait to order my PC on Cyber Monday. :D

Thanks! get a sweet an controler.


I forgot about those. I've heard they're pretty handy when you don't need all fans a max speed. How does it work?Do I plug it into my PSU and then into all my fans?

Yeah it's a seasonic fanless 400w gold PSU, It's pretty awesome. I'm not sure what it draws from the wall but I run the system at around 90% load so it would probably be using around 350 watts maybe. It hasn't exploded yet so I guess I know what I'm doing :P 600W will be plenty for that system. Good luck with the build :)