How many Cores is good for gaming?

i am building a new pc and was wondering if how many cores are good for gaming? 4,6 or 8?

thank you, kevin

As of right now,there aren't many games that take advantage of 4+ cores as of now,2 is good enough for gaming,4 is also good,BF3 (if I remember correctly) takes advantage of 4+ cores.

I think 4 cores or good, but since the PS4 has 8 cores, you may start seeing console ports run better with more cores. Personally, I think the 6 cores is a good middle ground, like the FX-6300. Doesn't carry a big price premium, and 6 cores should help once games become better optmized for nex-gen games/ports.

Dual-cores are the absolute minimum for the tightest of budgets, and many of newer games simply don't run nearly as well with dual cores as they do with quad-cores (or more), such as BF3, Far Cry 3, Crysis, etc.

linus and the gang's oppion, for what it's worth

Id say 4 Cores is the sweet spot right now, but 6+ Cores for Gaming is right around the corner, also +1 Internets for you for having the same name as me.

over 9000

I think a dual socket pc with 12 cores is good gaming said the guy I know who bough a mac. 

Four is good. 8 will be more future proof.

Go with 8 cores, future proof. PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 will have 8 core CPU's, so games will be more optimized and use more core's.

Because of that Intel CPU's will suffer, hyperthreading wont help when programmers start using all real core's. Also since PS4 has an AMD's APU(CPU+GPU), developers will do greater support for AMD's CPU's and GPU's since it will be a defacto a standard.