How many compression fittings do i need?

So I've watercooling for my PC. Only the CPU, here is the parts i've chosen. Clik the link to the side of each part you wil see how it looks liek. The Dimentions is 1/2"ID-3/4"OD for the tubing.

Radiator: Coolgate 3x120-60 Full Copper |

Waterblock: EK Supremacy - Full Copper |

Pump: Swiftech MXP35X |

Reservoir: Swiftech MXP35X-RES |

I've decided to go with compression fittings from Bitspower. I know i need at least 9 of those. But how many do i need of the Extentions, the ones that bend 30 degrees, 45 degrees & 90 degrees. The Bitspower mini-Valve and so on. I want it to be easy to get the liquid out?

I know youve picked your parts and all, but why not go with an Alphacool or XSPC kit and save some $$$ to put into another res or maybe a GPU block ?

as for the fitting you only need 6

2 for the rad in and out

2 for the pump/res in and out

2 for the block in and out. 

But if you want a seperate fill/drainport youll need an adapter that you can hookup to a G1/4 fitting that you attach to some tubingé or a fillport with a Barb that designed to fit the ID of your tubing.

As for the placement i have no clue as i dont know how your loop would be set up, so theres no way to know what would be optimal. 

Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower is my case