How long would OCZ v4 last in RAID0?

Hey Community!

I have been looking at SSDs, a friend has recommened the OCZ Vertex 4 120GB and id like to purchase 2 for RAID0 setup.. What would the lifespan of the drive be?

Also any recommendations on other SSDs that are 120GB that are good for RAID0

Thanks in advance!

I don't see how this question is even answerable. Look at their MTBF.


Lifespan won't change really. Though RAID 0 for SSDs loses TRIM and in some cases will actually slow down the SSDs as some on board RAID isn't fast enough to deal with the 2  SSDs.

Lol, what? You'll lose trim support which will slow each individual SSD down over time, but it will still be faster than a single SSD.


So have them setup as JBOD?

I would just go RAID 0.

Still worth mentioning and I don't remember where I saw it but some guy actually had slower speeds with the RAID than a single drive as his controller couldn't deal with it.

Why get a Vertex 4 when you could get a Vertex 3 though? The Vertex 3 should be faster.

im asuming that you mean how long intill you notice a performance diference because trim wont work in ssds in raid 

I had 4 ssds in raid and it took about 3 years for my coputer to slow at all so how long iwll it last? far longer then you need it to by the time they die youll want new ones anyway