How long will fx 8350 be usable?

I am planning to get the fx 8350 next month. I need to know how meny years this cpu will be useful. here are the follwing tasks that will be used on my build

Video rendering

Manga studio

Watching blu ray

Dragon natural speaking software

Playing games


for ever untill electromigration takes hold.

Rumour has it that it's going to be out of date next week. My sandybridge i5 2400 just became obsolete ten minutes ago.

Well, they are always making new CPU models. But, it is never optimized immediately. They don't start optimizing new CPU models for a while

FX8350 will last you for a year of 4/5

Ten years from now (provided the part doesn't die for whatever reason) it will still be as fast while performing the same tasks as now.

The more time passes more programs will use newer parts better and require more power. It depends on how far ahead of the curve you want to be. Its completely suitable for this year and some to come... When to upgrade to something better is up to you.

i want to be ahead of the curve as far as my budget allows. i have invested in a 990fxx sabertooth from asus. 

My 2-year old Core i7 3770k is still a very strong CPU, and I still see myself using another 3 to 5 years. It renders videos, very well and quickly. The FX8350 should be about the same. As Mystery Angel has said.

I would probably skimp on the motherboard and get something in the $120 to $130 dollar range and use the left over money to get a Core i7 4770k. But that's just me.

sorry instead of invested i should had said bought the motherboard. 

sounds like the fx 8350 will last me a while.

thank you all for the information.