How long until non reference editions come out for the 700 series?

I'm considering buying a 770 series card but I want to wait until they release better versions of the card like the FTW edition or other versions. Normally I wouldn't wait but I want to build my new computer before Summer ends. So any speculations on when these versions would come out? Also: Would be buying 4gb vram edition.

There already is the EVGA 770 SC ACX out and thats totally non reference

Sorry, I forgot to mention that i need 4gb vram for modding. So far there is only one card from gigabyte that has it.


Yea i dont think there are any 4gb models yet


Asus, Gigabyte, EVGA, have a few non-reference models out. As for the 4gig versions, give it a month or so. In the meantine, consider the higher price on the 4 gig models.

Thank you very much.