How long does a cpu last?

I have an intel core i5 3570k - with the intel stock cooler and it is not overclocked. My PC is on about 6 hours a day. How many years do you think it will last?

Step one get a aftermarket cooler step 2 thank me because then you can overclock it step 3 overclock it like crazy (but make shure its stable) step 4 in maybe 3 years its outdated anyway step 5 upgrade to a 6570k 

Most hardware will become outdated before its life cycle is over. It's just how technology is.

as for the CPU itself, at stock speeds it will last nearly forever (70+ years), the components to go first will be the motherboard battery, capacitors, the coolant paste will dry out and become ineffective over time and the motors in Optical drives will die, and eventually the hard drive will also die, but the CPU will be one of the last

you can just replace the MOBO battery right?

most of the time, but if it gets hot enough, or old enough it will corrode and acid will leak out and corrode the contacts

For our purposes, forever, or until you overclock it too hard. Whichever comes first. Had my first CPU die on me a few weeks ago, I've been in the game for 10 or 12 years, and this one was overclocked mercilessly with the stock HSF.

At that rate of use I think it will last too long.


To make your PC last longer clean it out every 3 month.Dust build up is real bad for your longevity of your pc

Things like that last a good long time. I have an Intel E6300 from 2006 that I used up till late last year and since then it has been out on a porch in an NZXT Lexa case enduring the elements. CPU's last around 10 years with no overclocks with normal use per day.

For your system, as was said, it will be replaced before it dies, it should last at least 6/7 years though.

As for the weathered computer I just mentioned, still works. Still slow however. Side note, I had a 320GB seagate drive from 2006 last up till now. Things last longer than you think.


I have a pentium server that has been running 24/7 for 10+ years