How likely will it be to modify bios/drivers on 3090 to pick up quadro features using the A6000 launch

Title about sums it up, I want that juicy SR-IOV support. I can patch NVFBC and other features but nothing on the idea of vGPU.

Can never know until you try.

Also, it will take someone actually risking their hardware to try it.

The saying that comes to mind is “if you have to ask, the answer is no”

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I will happily try at the least.

with dual BIOS i’m not too worried from that aspect but I feel it’s more locked behind the drivers themselves which is why I am asking here in a technical forum instead of posting on reddit where my SR-IOV @ nvidia

There’s also a saying about where people can shove their sayings :smile:

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not many people have $1500 of disposable income so if you want to be the trailblazer I wish you the best of luck!


Haha yeah, I wasn’t trying to be rude. My point was that if you have to ask about it, you probably don’t have the technical skills to dissect a bios and lift the parts that you need from one image to another. (I know I sure don’t)


I don’t think it’s going to be possible. The Quadro might be running ECC memory, have a differently binned chip for double-precision and so many other little things under the hood we’re not aware of.

I mean companies are made to profit, no doubt. But I don’t think the big ones just live off scamming buyers with BIOS locks. They know there are people outside that can call them out on things like that plus they’d be really upset to know that, by the time the A6000 launch many more might be able to access the same feature set for less than half the price of the shiny new Quadro card.

Also I’ve very rarely saw Nvidia cards being able to be boosted running a BIOS from an upper tier card on a lower tier one, let alone a consumer card running a professional card BIOS. It’s usually AMD that save up and really just bin cards instead of making enough changes from card to card.

This is just my opinion, but pitching the idea to BIOS modders might open a new path, who knows.

it might be more plausible to leave the BIOS and trick the driver itself, there’s so many more obstacles with the BIOS itself when I think about it like different core counts, double the ram on the quadro and so forth. The reason I mentioned BIOS primarily is I remember a long time ago people used to do this, it was quite prominent with laptop chips for some reason.

I’ll be happy to try both paths once the A6000 launches

SR-IOV isn’t just driver though. It has hardware and bios requirements.


Is Nvidia encrypting/signing their firmware yet?

If they are, all bets are off, as you’d need to be able to re-sign your hacked firmware for the card to accept it.

And if they aren’t I would suggest they will be sooner or later (maybe with a new model) as otherwise its a location for persistent malware to hide.


I’m not in the loop on this, but you’re absolutely correct on the firmware signing concern.


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