How likely is a GPU to D.O.A

Looking to get two HD7970.

reading reviews from all manufactures, at all price points and also at the different variations of the same GPU.

the reviews and such put alot of fear of me dropping a hefty amount of money on any of the variations of this gpu.

and i need to know how likely is it for me got get one, if not two D.O.A?!?!


It's extremely unlikely, especially if you buy from one of the better brands like Asus or Sapphire. Just make sure your PSU can handle them.

i have a Thermaltake Toughpower XT 1275W 80plus platinum powersupply.

and thanks for the advice.

Dear god... That PSU could handle quad 7970s!

i know. had furture proofing in mind when i was building my gaming rig.

+1 for thinking ahead

Heyo I like money.

A 1275W 80+ Platinum PSU from a top-of-the-line brand isn'tfuture-proofing, it is insanity! A good kind of insanity, but it's money that's going to waste for a 2-way CF 7970 situation.

well, yes. i am looking to do a quad CF config.

but for the time being. i am in the middle of my build, and $400 per card isnt cheap.

doing a dual crossfire because its all i can afford right now.

and reading reviews on certain manufactures, as well as the variations on the cards. scary stuff if i ever get one D.O.A let alone two. and even if i dont. I've read how cards dont last past six months...scary i say!

still ordering parts.

Its not as many as it seems its just that people are more likely to leave a reveiw if it works most people the receive a working graphics cards are happy and content and dont care to fill sat shit out

Chances of getting a DOA card are slim at best, I wouldn't sweat it.

Even if it is'nt D.O.A. how often is a gpu likely die after only months of use?


Not very likely.  I personally don't know anyone who has had a Graphics card die on them.  The only problems I have peronsally encountered is bad PSU's and HDD's