How is your gaming Setup?

Hi Wendell and friends,

could you describe in general, how is your main gaming Setup, like Software related?

You did a lot of research with VMs and native GPU Passthrough. Do you use this Setup for most of your games?
Or do you use Wine also?

I just started playing Anno 1800. It runs on my laptop in 720p with the Skylake integrated GPU through Wine (Arch Linux, Lutris), but on my Desktop Machine (Ryzen with Radeon RX580, also Arch) no luck yet under Wine.

Years ago, one reason to change to Linux was to get rid of all the driver and system maintenance trouble and effort under Windows.
If i would start using a second GPU Passthrough under a VM with native Win10 for gaming, again i am facing all the driver installation and system maintenance crab?
How do you solve this? Do you really maintain a Windows Installation under a VM for Gaming? (installing Windows, chipset, graphics and all the other drivers, and maintaining everthing)?

Thanks for your solutions and best regards from Germany,

Daniel :slight_smile:

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Hello, Daniel.

I don’t game much, but my desktop has an ivy bridge i3 with r7 370 and sometimes I get some 10 minutes sessions.

Right now I’m using Pop!_OS 19.04 on it and the games I tested run ok, used Solus for a while but went away because the official repos aren’t enough for me and I’m fairly lazy, same reason I dropped Manjaro (plus I had issues with wi-fi adapter). Ditched Mint also because there were something around 18 gets on every update and I got tired of it.

I would guess you’d need to deal with all that and even more, but should be worth it.

OK. Thanks for your answer!

I managed it now running on my Desktop under wine. Switched off the compositor under kde.

Is it possible to do a benchmark in wine? Which software would you choose?
Anno 1800 feels rather smooth in 1440p on the RX 580, except for the FPV Issue…

My gaming setup runs windows only. When I want to do linux things, I have a separate machine for that. Right now thats unraid with a couple linux VMs running headless.

Personally I’m not a fan of linux gaming and using a VM to play games on windows seems like extra effort for the same exact result as just using windows. I did try steam VR in linux though just to see if it worked… it kinda does.


I switched my main rig to windows + WSL.

I still have my servers on linux.

Gaming on linux was fun and finally easy to do thanks to Proton.

I can see how pass-thru is fun and all but I don’t really consider that a ‘fix’ so much as it is a work around.

Imma be honest, I just use proton. Bugged vlve for years to just integrate wine, and then they did! Works fine.

I’m also lazy.

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When i really fall back to a Win10 install for a game, is there an easy workflow for install?
Is it enough to just install Win10, GPU driver and the game, Or do i need additional Software there?
I’m out of the Win World for over 10y now, sorry…

Is there a “light” version or automated installer to get rid of unused services and programs?
I really do not want to dive back into this world, please keep it as easy as it may be, to just get this or that game running…

Thanks for your help!