How is this?

Hey guys! I had a question. Would this build: work out for some mid range gaming (I don't have to play on Ultra, High or Medium is fine.) and watching youtube at 720p to 1080p? Thanks!

 (PS, I would like to keep the price under $650.)

Link fixed by MisteryAngel

which build?

Funny, we can't quite judge your build w/o list or link

i would advice to pickup  2x4gigs of ram, since that is not that much more expensive.

but in the base your build is not bad, maybe spend a littlebit more on the gpu can improve.


That Video card requires 500watts minimum and 600watts in CrossFire.

oh. Nnewegg says 450watts. Better change it anyways. THANKS!

Otherwise good cheap build for the type of gaming you described, will max out games like Fallout 3 and NV without AA and will be fine with HD texture packs same with Oblivion and Morrowind if you don't mind the HD texture packs making the scenery look great while a large amount of the characters in the game look like dehydrated bats and zombie people. Should play games like Tomb Raider and Bioshock infinite at acceptable frame rates. You are deffinately going to want the 8gb of ram or more in it. That a good enough description of what that should do?

430 W is more then enough, that card will maybe use 180W on full load. then you have plenty of power left. ☺

You could power a 7770 with a much smaller supply. 450W is fine. Ignore the on-box recommendations. 500W is enough for most high-end cards.