How is this overclock? and are the temps okay if i go to 4.5ghz

I have an AMD fx-8320 running on a sabertooth 990fx r2.0 with the noctua nh-d14 and currently I am running at 4.4ghz at 1.368v even though cpu-z shows it at 1.38v while using prime95, while using prime95 the most it gets to is 61 degrees Celsius, when I am on bf4 online it shows it between 46-52 degrees Celsius max, it is stable at 4.4ghz which I am happy about but I turned it down from 4.5ghz at 1.40v as that was hitting 69 to 71 degrees max in prime95 or 50-55 degrees on bf4 online, should I stay as I am or can I go up to 4.5ghz at those temps? any help is greatly appreciated

should be fine since you wont be hitting those temps all the time on regular use.

okay thank you, I decided to try intel burn test as well and that is saying that the temps are about 65-70 degrees under max load at 4.6ghz stable at 1.4v so I shall stick with that for now

Max temp for AMD cpu is 62c, but if you hit 70 on a stress test but never in a game you can keep the clock without worry,

Note : I had my 8350 @ 5.1ghz 1.5volt hitting 64c at bf3 for 6 month without issues.

My friend had his at at 1.7v running 6ghz for a week before the motherboard gave up.. :S Now he does not OC anymore so.

thank you guys, I've got it stable at 4.6ghz using intel burn test and the most it hit was 60 degrees on the cores at 1.375v although during the test both cpu-z and piriform speccy put it at 1.38v roughly so I am very happy with that outcome

thats an extremely good chip you got there!

mine gets to 4.6GHz at 1.4125V and for 4.7Ghz i need 1.45V.

i bet i could get yours to 5ghz with my watercooler :D

Mine is at 4421 mhz 1.356v it tends to overheat and throttle but ONLY in prime95,I guess it's also caused by my 212 and some really cheap thermal paste,in any other stress test or bench it works flawless. I'm getting ~66-67 in prime and ~58 in bf3 online on a 64 player map w/ everything maxed out. I have no idea why it throttles only in prime while working fine everywhere else. It throttles even at 4.0 ghz in prime

I'm doing a custom water loop soon so i can get at least close to 5ghz and have it cooler than it has been getting

Prime95 artificially fucks with the voltage. That's what's going one.

Prime95 in my experience is a good 10C+ hotter than what I've ever seen with real world loads.

Your temps are good. :)