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How is the experience regarding Linux Support on USB Mics?

Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting a USB mic - Samson C01U for the purpose of home karaoke / voice communication / maybe podcast recording. I wonder if the experience would be smooth on Linux, in general.

I am currently on MX Linux 19.1 but I am flexible and can go to Ubuntu-based or Manjaro if needed. I not willing to go back to Win 10, however.

I dont mind doing a bit of tinkering but I am not a software dev of any sorts. I’ve yet to do a bit of search on the appropriate karaoke software on Linux but i have seen software that can do karaoke. I do wonder about the MIDI files though and where to procure them. I prefer to be legal side, but at the times of pandemic, i would not shy away from less savory sources, shall we say.

I’ve been using an Audio technica USB mic on Fedora and it’s worked flawlessly. Plug-and-play and just shows up as a regular audio input.

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As long as they are USB Audio Class (which that Samson is to my knowledge), they work with a generic driver and all act the same.

The issue that one might run into is that the gain is not enough if the Mic doesn’t provide a way to adjust it, because from what I know there’s no way to control it over USB.
Not sure if the USB Spec even has a way to adjust gains on the generic device classes.

As for Karaoke MIDI files, well… I would assume the MIDI files are derivitive work anyway so might be a legal grey area either way. It’s not like Music Labels provide official Karaoke files… As long as the actual songs (i.e. mp3s or whatever) aren’t distributed I don’t think anyone cares though.