How is sapphire's rma process?

I got a sapphire fury tri x under a week from launch day. I'm getting the screen shrink glitch from it now. I don't know if its software or hardware, conflicting reports, but while I look in to it I want to learn about how their rma process works and decide if I'd even want to deal with the rma process or put up with it since it doesn't interfere with games.

Make sure you have a digital invoice or a copy of the receipt, submit a ticket with the issue and they'll tell you to initiate an RMA through whomever you purchased the card. (Or skip the ticket and just start an RMA through the retailer. I recommend submitting the ticket first so they have you on file in case the retailer wants to be assholes.) They're pretty on-spot and usually have a no-bullshit attitude when it comes to customer support.

What, precisely, is this? Just curious.

Hmm well I bought it at microcenter so I guess I can just go there tomorrow and get things started. Maybe they'll be able to help more since its in person, they did last time I had a gpu issue.


This is the thing. It does not freeze and I can still operate it just fine. A control alt delete fixes it for a while, and it doesn't happen in games and hte gpu still performs just like it should in game. Not my pic its a pic I saw posted on the internet somewhere and saved it in case I needed to show the issue


So that have nothing to do with the input-output cables, or overscan?

Tried multiple cables. Dont think monitor has over scan. Its weird it doesnt crash and doesmt happen in gamws but it still shouldnt happen and quite a few people got it. Its ether drivers or a batch of bad vram got out. I think i need to take it to microcenter and start an rma to make sure. If it is a driver thing finw but if not well then an rma shouls fix it

Sigh... The more i look in to it the more it looks like a software issue. Fury and furyx have the problem. All the brands have it. People who bought the cards time appart have it... Plus the weird crap going on isnt standard for dying gpua, a ctrl alt del normally doesnt fix the issues a gpu on its last leg has. Unless there is just something i am missing.

Do you happen to know what drivers you are currently using? Perhaps updating or rolling back your driver may do the trick.

Tried 15.7 15.7.1 and 1.58. I'ma try an rma still just to make sure. 4 or so weeks should be easy enough to get through. I'll just play my wiiu. OR maybe buy a cheap gpu and play doom. yeah doom sound good

Hopefully things go well.

pretty well I'd say. Went to microcenter yesterday, they took it back. I gave them $50 and got a fury x.

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welp the fury x does it too xD guess its just a driver thing. kinda hard to beleive I got two bad cards about 1 and 1/2 months apart from two different vendors(sapphire then msi)

Well, that sucks to hear. :(

On the bright side, at least you know what went wrong.

yup, its nice to have closure