How is it that people will buy this?

"LagBuster" , a device that claims to remove lag from games and at one point single player. I asked them once about that and they said it will solve that, explain that. Anyways how can this kind of crap sell for 200 dollars!?

My router from 2010 does QOS and packet Prioritization for the device I select for 50 dollars and has a crap ton of features yet this is just QOS/Packet Prioritization for 200 dollars...

people will buy this like they buy Call of duty...


1 used  -> so somebody actually payed ~ $15k for 2 & ½ meters of speaker cable O__O

there are no limits when it comes to ignorance regarding science & technology

I have someone who paid $2,000 for a 15 inch laptop with a 2.5ghz i5 with integrated graphics, and 4GB of RAM, and a 300GB HDD.

People are ignorant, and they think they are tech geniuses just because they can shell out money that will supposedly fix their problems, when in reality they could shell out far less money and use a little brains and fix it even better...

You have no idea how many mainstream laptops I've run into that (according to the idiots at the stores) are great for extreme gaming, when they have Intel HD Graphics 3000. Some of the Intel integrated graphics are pushing it to play online Flash based games. People are just too stupid to realize it. People are stunned when I play minecraft at 20fps higher than they do with a laptop that cost 100 bucks less, but you just have to know what you're talking about.

this wins the ignorance award. with 8000000+

You do realize that video is a joke, right?  It says so right in the description.

People don't know any better and are to lazy to do research. Companies like Monster and Quest take advantage of these people selling then over priced Power strips, cables that contain gases and USB cables.

Monster makes me laugh, I once saw a gold plated HDMI from them that claimed that the gold plating improved cleanness of the digital signal, what?

Read the reviews on those ridiculously overpriced products on Amazon, you'll have a good time.

It isn't just computers. You should see the amount of money people will pay for simple things like changing out brake pads. $40 tops in most cases for parts, and a little bit of time but...ignorance always costs money. Learning costs money too but in the long run it pays off.

Makes me think about Rotaries. If you blow an apex seal, Its $400 for new seal but people will pay $6,000 for the complete repair. Not because its hard. They just dont want to do it and not a lot of people know how to do it. In reality it takes 2-3 days max to replace apex seals. Talk about a good return...