How is EPYC different from Threadripper

Other than the obvious no chipset, how does EPYC differ from Threadripper? We were just talking about it here and no one had a clean answer.


  • Octa Channel Memory
  • Up To 2TB RAM support
  • No OC
  • 128 PCIe lanes
  • Better validation (Not sure here)
  • ECC Memory guranteed to work


  • Quad Channel Memory
  • 256GB Max RAM support (Could be wrong)
  • 72 PCIe lanes (Second Gen)
  • 64 PCIe lanes (First Gen)
  • Overclockable (Except TR PRO)
  • ECC support but not guranteed to work (Mostly motherboard depened)

There may be more that I don’t know of the top of my head.

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TR Pro is 128 lanes which is awesome.

And Octa channel too :slight_smile:

Oh yeah EPYC should also have FBDIMM support iirc.

Also 2TB on TR Pro.

Differences in clock speeds, TDP and availability of certain core SKUs (e.g. no 8- or 48-core TR).

no dual socket TR boards or SKUs. General board designs and purpose differ (greatly).

Zen3 Threadrippers haven’t been released yet, while you can get EPYC Milan right now. TR are last-gen-only.

As in, if you were lucky enough to locate one for a build you mean? :wink:

Does anyone have any in stock?

Contact your local OEM/SI, I’m pretty sure they got systems ready for you.

Server CPU in retail is pretty much surplus after OEMs/Resellers got their share. But Milan are pretty much the GPUs of the x86 server environment right now.

You can buy EPYC Naples/Rome in retail, no problem.

edit: just checked my local retailer…they have Milan 7713 and 7763 in stock. Lists as “345GHz” lol

Any 24 core Milan at your retailer?

only the two mentioned above. So there are EPYC CPUs out there to buy, all three generations. just in case you want to buy one.


European retailers have stock for Milan.
North American retailers not so much . . . as in not even yet.
No allocation set aside yet.

Shopblt is currently estimating getting some in at either the end of this month or September, depending on the model, but frankly I’d consider that optimistic. Expect those dates to suddenly slide back another month sometime during the week prior.

So all those differences were great to mention. If im completely frank if I were building a very high end workstation or a solid server with the single core IPC not being sacrificed I would wait for milan. The EPYC 73F3 while expensive is freaking awesome. I was looking at benchmarks

Though I realize now @wendell did a video on it too

He covered some use cases and in a workstation if I needed the ECC and I was really needing something that not only has the scaling across cores in a dual socket but the single core IPC as well. I would go that route over TR Pro. Its expensive but at that point if I am builting a purpose built system for work. Expense matters less particular with virtualization and other software licensing. Wendell also discusses that in the video :slight_smile:
Other than that most of the differences have been discussed.

Would I be overclocking a system doing 18-24 hr work. No I probably wouldnt. If I could undervolt a tad and add to the efficiency tbch. SO I wouldnt go enthusiast workstation class

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