How important is it with ESD protection?


How important is it with ESD protection when building/modifying a PC?? Some people claim that this is vital if you don't want to destroy every circuit you touch while others never have bothered even grounding themselves and yet are doing good.

So - what's your opinion? Is it important, or just an additional security that is theoretically good (because I hardly believe that it does any harm ;))


Well, My friend didn't believe in it and never gave a single fuck, Like a boss of course, not like some skater pussy. So here he was not giving any shit smokin mad blunts and installing a new soundcard without grounding himself, Moral of the story he shat on his ASUS P8Z68-V, The funny thing is even though he knows he did it he still refuses to believe in ESD heh, The chances of you breaking somthing from ESD are slim but existant.

i never ground my self but i never mess around inside my case with out touching something metal outside of it eiither. chance of static dischrage is nerver going to go away but steps can be taken to prevent it. if you dont have an wrist band that clips to case then touch anything metal before working on your pc. never walk around with socks on in a room with carpet while messing with your computer. just use your hard and you will be fine.