How I know I’m a gaming addict

My latest achievement:

I was sitting gaming for hours not noticing that my arm was right in the path of my gaming laptop’s exhaust. I was having to sit at an odd angle thanks to some poor seating arrangements. Anyway I felt the heat but was so wrapped up in the game I wasn’t aware of the blisters forming.

Maybe the Chinese are on to something with the video game ban….




Wow that’s impressive.

Big oof there. I feel you in many ways.

Maybe its time to get an extra USB keyboard and plug it into the laptop just to be away from the exhaust?

Also get one of those laptop cooling “stove” to boost laptop cooling. These kinds of operating temperatures cant be good for your laptop.

May we know what game are you so dedicated to?

Normally the exhaust is away from your hand and arm, but unfortunately I had to sit at a weird angle and it put my arm right in the path of the exhaust. But yes this particular laptop does run hot, though it’s usually around 80C. It’s a gaming thin and light, so there’s not much room for a good cooling system. I’m starting to see the point of a bulky laptop, but I still don’t want to lug around a 12 lb laptop. And carrying around a keyboard and mouse would be that much extra weight.

I do have a gaming desktop, but would prefer not to be without my favorite addiction (well aside from coffee) on the road.

The game I was playing so obsessively was Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous. It’s an old school RPG, complete with isometric 3D graphics. It’s a buggy mess, but I’m enjoying the story and gameplay. Normally I’m not that obsessive about playing a game, but sometimes a new game with an engaging story will make me get this wrapped up. Skyrim hasn’t had this effect on me in ages.


That is some serious warm air coming out of that exhaust