How good is this PSU?

I had a 750w seasonic picked out for a build but i was thinking if i choose an 8350 i would like a little more headroom incase i decide to OC and i found this 1000w from rosewill. Should i stick with a higher quality of seasonic? Build for reference.

to be honest i think the 750seasonic would be enough, the reviews ive just looked at quickly show that an overlocked 8350 pulls about 300watts (thats the whole PC thou with a 690GTX) so the 750 seasonic should be fine.

The estimated wattage is 469w with that build. You won't add 300w just by overclocking. There are other PSU calculators that take overclocking into account when estimating your necessary wattage, try doing a google search to see how far you can push the 750w before you would need to upgrade. Im not an expert but i'm pretty confident a 1000w isn't necessary

cool thanks