How good is the linux support on the X399 taichi?

im planning my next build, and i plan to run linux once i get fully setup. only question is how good is the linux support on the X399 taichi? is it ok, good enough, or would you recommend another board?

thanks in advance.

Linux provides generic drivers in their kernels to make all the base functions work.
But there simply is no proprietary software support from any motherboard manufacturer for linux.

But still all the basic functions of the board will work.
But dont expect anything like a Asrock software suite or fancy audio or fan controll software from Asrock etc, like you could have on windows.

Ok, I had figured in that, I wanted to ask around because some reviews I saw for it had talked about spotty Linux support, and I figured this would be the place to ask.

Yeah basically the board works fine with linux. :slight_smile:
A nice thing about Asrock is that they generally dont put fancy controllers,
on their Taichi boards just the standard stuff.
Like Gigabyte sometimes does.

Only the Asrock X470 Taichi Ultimate has a 10Gb/e Aquantia nic.
But that is also supported on linux allready.
But of course thats a bit off topic.

Its generally well supported. Its gotten even better support since this video

M version and full version have very little differences on linux which is cool because that means there were little EFI changes between the boards…

This would be the board I would go with for linux support. Gigabyte boards generally have a lot of elaborate controllers and so do ASUS to control the fans etc which sucks because then you cant make scripts to easily override the fan settings… Its not a big deal though if your making a linux workstation this will do you a solid

@godzylla Asuming you bought one, Could i ask how your experience has bin?

I was thinking of picking up one of these.

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i didnt buy one, i actually ended up going with the designare EX, i havent put the system together yet, so i cant speak of any experience.

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ok, ty for responding.

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I can’t vouch for the X399 Taichi, but presumably Asrock use mostly similar components on their boards. My X470 taichi is 100% supported in Ubuntu and Fedora out of the box, even bluetooth.

Given the X399 Taichi is actually older than the X470, i’d say your chances of 100% support out of box are virtually guaranteed.

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Ty :slight_smile: Did you try any form of fancontrol?

Edit: I looked at posts about the x470 taichi, And while software FC sounded like a hassle, Doing it in the bios was an option. And an option i can live with.

I have the X399 Taichi (I built this PC a month ago, December 2019) and it runs Zorin OS great, though I haven’t had much luck with stock Ubuntu and Arch. The letters appear weird. Though I am not running the latest BIOS either, so that might be already fixed.