How good is the HD 7770?

IS the HD 7770 good for medium-high settings on 1080p? I don't play highest settings anyway because of frame rate unstablitiy and because of my poor eyesight. 

I have a 1366x768 monitor, is it going to play games good on it? Will it be good? Is it a good budget graphics card? I chose it because it was a lot cheaper than the GTX 650 TI and as of what I can hear overclocks better. 

Here is the specific card: 


Good or not? Please be informative. 

The 7770 is a great card for the money; it isn't going to run Crysis 3 on High, but it could easily handle Minecraft, Call of Duty, Skyrim, etc. with some light(ish) graphics mods. Consider getting the 7790, as well.

well the 650ti is a much better card and is not that more expence i found 4-5 650ti cards for £100 here is a cherry picked one >_> for £99

Eh, in all honesty don't go with this card. This card is trash. Go with the 650 ti boost. Save a little money and its an awesome card. About 10-15% slower than the 660.  Awesome little card though.

In most benchmarks the 7790 actually is better than the 650 ti Boost and is cheaper. I'd definitely go with the 7790, hands down.


$139 -

$164 -

650 ti Boost:

$169 -

$179 -


sorry but the hd7790 isent better than a 650ti the 7790 is a 128bit card the 650ti is a 192bit card 

The 650ti is £100 the 7790 is £140 for a extra £15 more than the 7790 you can get a Gigabyte HD7850 OC AMD/ATI Graphics Card - 2GB (a 256bit card!) makeing the 7790 a pointless buy

My old 6870 smoked my friends 7770. I would recomend the 7870 as well for a good price/performance card. I don't think Nividia has much in the value range. AMD is alot easier on the wallet for what you get. But don't get me wrong I would love a Nividia card if I had the money. lol

If I had money I would of gotten a GTX 680 but I don't which is why I am asking about the HD 7770....

If the 7770 is all you can afford get it, I looked at the spexzors (mindteh1337) awhile back and for the price there's not much better. having said that if you can afford anything better, don't settle for less, think about it this way if you purchase a 7770 right now with the intension of upgrading when you can afford it you've wasted money buying it wouldn't it be better to save the money and buy the card you want in the future, just something to think about.

bought one that I put in my mates PC , can vouch for league of legends among other games at constant 60 fps