How good is the Hd 6850?

Hi all, earlier this year my friend built a computer for $500. He wanted to use it for gaming and recording/editing for youtube. Anyways, he picked up a second hand XFX Radeon HD6850 Black Edition for $200 on ebay. My question is, how powerful is this card in actuality, and what can it be compared to?

Graphics Card Performance Hierarchy Chart,3107-7.html

hope this helps   .............. keep in mind there are small variations between brands

Review for that card ....     hehe he said nice box

and this review

It is around the level of an R7 250X to an R7 260X.

I'm sorry $200 for that card is a rip off. It is old and slow. Could have gotten a brand new R9 280 for that price.

Brand New R9 280 with a nice cooler on it. Plus 3 games. $190.

200$ is way to much for that card. A new R9 270x is about 200$ and its the same as a 7870, a much better card. I think its worth maybe 100$. Always do your research before you buy.

Damn, that sucks :/. Neither of us new much about computers at the time (I actually knew nothing on a hardware level) and he had a family friend who went to ITT Tech put together the parts online for cheap and send them to him to buy. Ever since I started learning about computers around February to build my own, I've had a sneaking suspicion that his was not as good as he thought. Sucks too, he isn't satisfied with his computer that he overestimated for the money and it just pushes him more and more toward consoles. I only have one other friend to play computer games with but he isn't actually building it until the end of this year. Any ways thanks for the help guys. I'll tell him how things are and he'll probably be in denial or get passive agressive and blame computers in general :/  

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