How good is the AMD FX-6300?

I've been trying to do a build for my younger brother and I was thinking of getting him an FX-4300 but I wasn't too impressed by it. I was considering getting him an FX-6300 since it's cheaper now but I wanted to know from some people who own it on how good it really is.

If you own it, let me know whatcha think of it, thanks!

Well is like a 8350 but with 2 less cores and at 3.5 GHz

i have that cpu and it realy good it run games fine like stacraft league of leagend any game it run fine it can event run emulator i rely recoment that cpu it performe well you are not going to regret getting this cpu

I'm using my pc for audio & video production, which is typically more taxing of cpu rather than gpu.


That said, I debated with myself about "is the extra 20 dollars worth it?".. A nearby store (microcenter) slangs them (fx6300) for 119, and weeks ago had the 8320 for 139. The deciding factor was motherboard expense. I got a used 970a mobo for 40 dollars shipped off ebay, and I had originally bought an 8320. The 8320 is not listed as compatible with the mobo I bought, so I turned it back in for the 6300.


Granted, I don't plan on oc'ing, and I'm using the pc for editing with an outdated gpu. I'm also skimping on OS cost by using ubuntu linux. With that extra 20 bucks, I picked up an overpriced silent-as-fuck fan, the noctua nsf12b (and aimed that son of a bitch at a passively cooled 6750), 2x8 gb crucial ballistix sport 1600mhz, 1 tb toshiba 7200rpm drive, a define r4 case that comes with 2 decent fans, and 2 other 5 dollar fans that spew an inaudible 44cfm at 900rpm. Suck penis.

The last time I "upgraded" pcs was about 5 years ago, and that involved paying a friend 40 bucks for his core 2 duo, mobo, & ram. This time I spent about 530 bucks, but it took a month or 2 to be thrifty about it.

Bottom line, if -actually, I'm surprised this question is still being asked. Have you not done any research? You don't mention your budget or the purpose of the build. Fuck you.

Actually, if you're considering buying the fx 6300, then you do not need a 4-core processor, much less the 3 cores of a 6300; just fucking buy it.

And what do you mean you "weren't impressed" by the 4300? I guarantee you couldn't tell the difference if your face was elbowed or tattooed on your asshole.

Sorry, I'm drinking a new beer and it's absolutely %10.5 abv

I would recommend it, I have it in mine and it seems to run all the games I need like an elegant horse. It's definitely better than the 4300. Would you also post the rest of the build, so we could perhaps suggest anything else that's better? 

Here's the build:

I haven't picked a case yet as I am still waiting to see what my brother wants. My budget is around $500-$550.

....thanks, I think.

If you have the loot, the 7870 is a bit faster. Also, 8GB of ram will help since the OS is going to eat a good bit of it. 

The AMD FX6300 is a great budget cpu for gaming. about the Fractal design Core 1000 case, the specs on the fractal site tell´s me its a micro atx case, so  the Msi 970A-G46 ATX board im doubting if that´s gonne fit in that case?.

By the way if you not  tempting to do any overclock then you fine with those msi 970 boards, but if you wanne play with overclocking i could recommend a better board, The Asus M5A97 R2.0 this board has a 4+2 powerphase and digi  quality vrm´s.

Those Msi-970A boards have only 4+1 powerphase and realy weak vrm´s, but if you stay on stock speeds it would be fine.

Grtz Angel ☺

Much appreciated. :D This might sound dumb but it was an honor getting a response from you.

1 error, I think; you picked a micro ATX case and the motherboard I plan on using is an ATX. :<

Thanks for the advice. :)

I am not huge on overclocking but it does make an improvement so I just might see if I can get a better motherboard.

yeah you wanne go into overclock i could highly recommend that Asus board, i said above.

Those Msi-970A G43 and G45, have very much issues with overheating vrm´s wenn overclocking, those vrm´s are realy weak, its a well known issues with those Msi boards, Msi came with the G46 as an update for the G43 and G45, they only put a bigger heat spreader on the vrm´s but this still didn´t solve the problem.

So yeah if you stay on stocks speeds its fine, if you tempting to overclock then dont buy a Msi-970A, but pickup a Asus M5A97 R2.0

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fractal core 1000 only fits itx and matx so get the core 3000 and an asus 970 motherboard and you are set

Get the FX-6350 off Newegg for the same price. It's a substantial upgrade just on power delivery and clockrate.

Actually the FX-6350 costs $20 extra.

Your facepalm kill your brain or are you just stupid? fx6300 have the 8350 single core performance but the 8350 have 2 more cores ;)


Just to give my two cents worth on some of the responses above - the rudeness and immaturity displayed in some of the comments above is uncalled for. As a community we should respect one another. There is never a good reason to insult another user - go down that road and this forum will turn into something like that travesty Toms Hardware in no time.

The problem with the FX-6350, however, is that it is a 125w chip vs 95w of the FX-6300. This suggests you will get a better overclock on a FX-6300 on lower end boards.

For what it's worth I use a mildly overclocked (4ghz) FX-6300 in my gaming rig and I haven't had any issues with it. It is never the bottleneck for gaming (with the exception of Planetside 2 which bottlenecks on the CPU no matter which CPU you have) and performs quite well.