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How good is MSI B450 Mortar Max for Ryzen 5 3400g?

I planning to build a Ryzen 5 3400G pc for Linux sytem as Linux is my primary OS. I decide to go with MSI B450 Mortar Max after discussion on this forum. But recentaly I read post about its vdroop and LLC realated issues on reddit.
Also someone on tomshardware said Soc VRM on Mortar is not good for Ryzen APU.
So I wanted to know how good is MSI B450 Mortar Max?

What kind of issues? I mean you’re probably not going to get the best overclocking experience, but then again cpu overclocking isn’t something you need to do yourself on the newest ryzens really…

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Yeah I have seen this builzoid video. But I read this post

That’s why I’m concern about buying this board. Also in future I’m going to upgrade it with Ryzen 5 3600.

Oh, right. Well afaik there’s not even real-world reasons to oc manually anymore since how the boosting works in zen 2… so this shouldn’t be an issue anyway I guess? Should just throw the cpu in and call it a day? Tell me if I’m wrong tho.

So you thinkg there won’t be an any issue with the board? But I don’t understand what exactly that problem? I read this problem on MSI forum also. I hope it won’t cause any problem if I upgrade to Ryzen 5 3600.

Well I don’t see this being an issue unless you manually want to overclock. Mortars and Tomahawks have great vrms for the price but as mentioned they’re not the best for overclocking.

So if I want to overclock cpu then which one is the best choice?
And what do you think about Gigabyte b450 aorus M. is it good choice for Ryzen APU?

Its probably ok-ish for the price. And yes overcllocking cpu is not a thing anymore, overclocking ram on the otherhand is viable and gives good performance increase if you can hit 2x the infinity fabric speed if i recall correctly. (I love buildzoid rants).

Yep now that’s actually a topic I’d wanna bring on the table, for anyone here with said boards hows the ram oc gone? I haven’t gotten past 3466 cl 16 (I hear ypu can still go past that even tho MSI claims that to be max) but then again my sticks are basically crap lol

So you thinks it’s good motherboard? You can suggest another board also. Motherboard size doesn’t matter.

Itx in general are better at overclocking ram because its just 2 slots and is good for signal integrity.

I want to get into ovrrclocking RAM but i dont have the actual hardware for it to dedicate the proper time to learn. Do check on the above linked videos. Buildzoid’s channel is good for overclocking

I’ll link this one here too


Well yeah, the 3400G is still a zen+ cpu if i’m right?
Those chips can consume allot of power.
And that kinda puts the apu’s in a difficult spot kinda.

Still yeah i’m not really surprised reading about the vdroop issues,
when manually overclocking.
The thing with most b450 boards is that they are just rubbish.
Maybe when lucky with some future bios updates the behavior of the said llc profiles might get better.

Of course the apu should basically work fine at stock on a b450 board.
And if your plan is to upgrade to a 3600 in the future anyways.
Then i wouldn’t be too concerned about the Soc vrm part of the those said boards.

I could look into the b450 boards that have the best soc vrm.
Because there a few who have either 3 phase soc vrm’s or 2x2 phase soc vrm’s.
However those boards generally use god awful mosfets like pretty much all boards.

If you plan to upgrade to a 3600 in the near future.
Then i would likely go for a Msi B450 Gaming pro carbon, if it has to be a cheap B450 board.

However yeah it might be better to just save a bit more cash,
and upgrade later directly to a decent X470 / X570 + 3600.
Because yeah dropping money on an apu now is a waste lateron as well.