How good do you think hairworks looks?

Hairworks has a pretty substantial performance penalty on most hardware, so I am curious. How good do people think it looks? Is it worth the penalty in your opinion?

it's only worth the penalty if you have top tier hardware, such as I do, it looks great but if you're already at like 40 fps it's not worth turning on. it also has a significant impact on frame times and can cause some stutter if your graphics card is already overloaded with computations.

Hairworx is the same sh*t as tressfx... It's beautiful, it's stunning technology, and it's pointless.. Loosing half of my FPS for this is as pointless as it could possibly be...
I have a friend with 970, that haven't used any of the Nvidia features he got the 970 for... Just because it tanks his framerates to uncomfortably low numbers...
But that's the AAA gaming nowadays... Sh*t that doesn't work properly even when you are way over the system requirements... Cough Arkham Knight cough ACUnity awkward cough...

This may show how little I know about how games and GPU's fundamentally work, But I have wondered if TressFX, hairworkx, PhysX could be offloaded to two dedicated cores of the CPU.
Kind of like how you used to be able to use another Nvidia card for physx.

To be able to do that, the software needs to be coded to send instructions to the CPU instead of the GPU...
However, the CPU is a few powerful cores, while the GPU is huge amount of weak cores, so the gpu is way better in terms of calculating a lot of different calculations at the same time, making it way more efficient at physics calculations... Or something like that...
The physx cores in Nvidia GPUs are specifically build from the ground up for that purpose. CPU will have way more difficult time calculating physics...

eh, well it was a thought.

Personally, I am not too impressed with the way that Hairworks actually looks. I much prefer TressFX from teh implementations that I've seen. And specifically in The Witcher 3, I prefer the look of the vanilla hair to the hairworks hair. It just tends to look "over done". Very flashy usually. Not too realistic imo and more distracting than anything. This is especially true when the art style of the game doesn't directly conform with the look provided by hairdworks, which I believe to the be the case in TW3.

Hairworks is proprietary shit that gimps hardware to create a false need for more expensive hardware. This is all I'm going to comment about on that pile of crap code called hairworks.


I asked specifically about the way it looks. I don't care about anything else in this thread.

Looks like shit. Let's be real, It's a shitty piece of compiled code that looks "good" on Overspec'ed hardware and it's soul purpose was designed to force graphics card sales, nothing more.

Again, I don't care about it being designed to push higher end hardware. That doesn't matter. I am asking about the looks alone. Some people think that it is worth the performance penalty. Some people don't. That is the conversation that I want to have here.

Well then, the game by default have high enough requirements... I don't think it's worth the performance impact...

i dont think it looks good compared to AMD's tressfx isnt hairworks just aa for the hair and thats it?

It uses a lot of tesselation. I don't think that it is comparable to AA.

Why am I not F-ing surprised... Nvidia and their famous tessellation...

Its no different than amd and their reliance upon compute

both hardware manufacturer's made their choices to pursue one over the other and rather perversely both seem to be the others weakness.

to be honest I dont think the visual effect is worth the horsepower that is thrown at it (both tressfx and hairworks). Traditional ways of doing hair with polygons and alpha channels give fantastic results and dont tank your framerate.

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Can not really use it (AMD). TressFX looks okay, but for now I like Blizzards aproach for hair better. Hair needs to look like the real thing or completly differnet. This semi-realistic stuff is plain ugly.

It looks great when you stop and admire your flowing locks but in actual game play I tend to only notice some extra smooth motion or fluffiness on the beasties and concentrate on the task at hand.

Looks like a broken Sedal advertisment

Hairworks looks fake and gay.