How Future-Proof Is This System?

Here is the rig some nice people helped me out with yesterday. I wanna know if this can play the newer games coming out this year and the next. (Arma 3, Battlefield 4, The Division, Payday 2, etc.). I also want to know how far I could upgrade it before I need a whole new rig in general. I know the GPU, AM3+ socket, and all that is futrue proof, but how many years until I'll need a whole Re-Haul?  P.S. I have a 500gb Hitachi HDD with Windows 7 already on it.

There is no such thing as "Future proof". I'll tell you that now.

I know games like Crysis 3, Bioshock Inf. and games like that will EASILY use more than the 2gb of video RAM. I run 2 6870's in crossfire giving me a total of 4gb and I often run into the 2nd cards RAM. And those are games that are a year or so old. But it all depends on the amount textures and shaders the games are using I guess.

Video ram has everything to do with resolution. not so much anything else.

vram doesn't stack...

I know, but I'm asking how long until a full overhaul is needed? I plan on upgrading to a 8350 later down the road.

I just want a decent framerate, 720p, 30fps. I'm coming from console, so even these setting will look better than a PS3 or Xbox 360.

that probably plays bf3 on ultra 1080p at 40-60 frames so you're good

Alright, thanks.

Yeah, I think you got a few years at your stated goals, but you really want 2 sticks of memory. Get 2x 2gb of ram. That will give you a noticeable boost in performance being able to run your ram in ganged mode.

I think you will be just fine for the coming years. You don't need to upgrade your CPU, the fx-6300 is a very good CPU. Videocard is also pretty good. Cheap upgrade: Get another Kingston Blu 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory RAM unit (same one as you have right now), so you have 8 GB's of RAM. This will improve your computer's speed the most because BF4, Crysis 3 and other games will use it!

yea AFR makes it weird, while it technically doesn't stack per say, having the extra card handling every other frame with it's extra set of ram def takes stress off of your primary card. Yes both cards have absolutly identically filled vram, but because of AFR it does boost performance.

actually not really, I mean yes your right it does have some to do with the resolution your running too, but thats just one part of the equation. You ever play a game that warns you when you max your res out to 1080 or 1440p? No, instead you'll have games warn you about severe performance lag if you max out things like textures and shadows. The textures and stuff to be rendered certainly arn't just sitting soley in system RAM waiting to be rendered by the GPU. Just like your programs and processes for your computer sit in system ram waiting to get processed by the CPU, so does your video based stuff like textures and shadows sit in your vram waiting to be processed by your GPU.