How fast will this pc mine bitcoins?

My sister asked me to post this here,she wants to mine bitcoins with her pc(that i am lending her),we don't have any money to spend on changing parts,but she want to know how long it would take to mine a full bitcoin.

Here is the system:

XFX 680i LT

C2Q [email protected] stock


4GB DDR2 1066Mhz

320GB WD IDE hard drive

Not Good. Not Worth it.

Nvidia does not mine well at all. You will spend more money on electricity than what you make. BTC mining isn't very profitable right now anyways. :/

ok my moms pc has a 7750 how well would that work?

Also how well would my 7970 work?

It won't. PC mining is dead. would take weeks to months to get a bitcoin.

7750? I don't know I'd google it. Sorry :/

7970? around 600 if you setup good flags and have a good clockrate. (Very well) But keep in mind BTC mining isn't the most profitable of things right now

Ok my sister want me to ask,despite all that how long would each take,cause she wants to buy something online,but they only take bitcoins.

i di some calculations a while ago and it was about 6 months of non-stop mining on a 7950 to get one bitcoin. So with a 7970 it would be about 4-5 months. And these calculations were a while ago, so its harder now and would take longer than that now.

If you want need bitcoins to buy something, just buy the bitcoins with money. Not worth GPU mining any more.

i'm going to say this with know zero relevent information, and i'm going to be confidant about saying it

anyone who is selling something and only accepting bitcoin is a scam, most likely because something like blockchain has no security measures like paypal and banks do to possibly get your money back if you're never provided with the product/ service (i could be wrong, but i'm confidant that i'm not)

That is absolutely true. Its either a scam, or illegal goods.

Or Humble Bundle!

But seriously, mining bitcoin is dead. We should be looking to litecoin now for mining.

What about the silk road?