How far should i overclock my cpu

hey im overclocking my cpu amd fx 6300 using amd overdrive from stock 3.5GHz to 3.7GHz but so far it not showing the overclock in the computer property it still show stock clock and also im not seeying any performing improvement so should i continue i waunt to improve performance on heavely cpu games and cooling is not realy a probleme i have a corsair h100i so anyhelp 

Dont use over drive, overclock in the bios.


Dont forget to run prime95 to test each level of OC for stability ;D

I read that Prime95 is not that great for AMDs, and had OCCT suggested to me here on the fourms. Try that one first before going to Prime95

dont forget tk download Cpu-Z to check your clock speed and voltages as windows and other programs are usually inaccurate.






That CPU can overclock really far, especially with an H100. Just make sure you dont go passed 60/62C since its what AMD says the max safe temps for prolonged use can be. Its more limited to your own experience and how far you are willing to go. You'll constantly be asking yourself if you can manage to get the chip to go faster on a given voltage (while being stable), then upping the voltage after you reach a point of instability (then rechecking ofc). Doing some quick googling you can find out what other people get with your CPU/Motherboard combination to give you a baseline idea of settings to use. Personally I use IntelBurnTest to check the stability on my cpu. Its a quicker than letting your hardware melt for 36 hours imo. Everyone has their own preferences and interpretations of the term "stable".

I need a new cooling system, because my computer reaches 99°C after just an hour of photoshopping. Any suggestions? I have an Intel e5200 dual core.

ok guy thank i overclock it to 4.00 Ghz how do i know it instabable


How far do you guys think i can OC a fx-8350 to? its at 4.4GHz with a hyper 212 evo currently. Im scared to go further.

(Also, i used overdrive)

That sounds like a serious problem... >__>

watch your temps and keep going, as long as you keep it below 72c during prolonged 100% usage you'll be good (you will *rarely* hit 100% for more then a few seconds in day to day use.)

Behold- Y-CRUNCHER! its a multithreaded stress testing tool.

simple- straight forward, tells you whats wrong when it fails (Multiplication fail- add Voltage to the CPU, take tiny steps my friend) I havent had a RAM failure- so I cant tell you the code for that, but it aught to be plain. and if you get that- you'll have to downclock the RAM in that case.

just run it for 15-30 minutes per step, and 24 hours when you decide to stop going up.

You should be looking at 4.7-4.8GHz some people are getting up to 5.2GHz but that with the H100

Also do everything in the bios, much more to play with there. 

Yeah... I fixed the problem though.  The problem was that I failed to plug in the intake fan, so there was only a cpu fan and an outtake fan.  XD   Fail on my part.

Intel burn test is the best for AMD cpu's.

I got my fx-4100 from 3.6 to 4.2 on air 


Kudos, air is awesome. Especially when you have a really massive fin array with lits of heat pipes that function very similarly to a radiator, but with much faster temperature fluctuations. No, I'm not being sarcastic, I'm actually praising you. Sort of. That isn't that impressive of an overclock for an AMD rig, but it is very significant for standard air cooling.