How far have you / can you push the FX8350

Hi guys,

I was wondering how far anyone has pushed this chip in the past? I was thinking about a upgrade but the price point of intels at the moment is a joke and I want to etch a few more MHZ out of the poor thing! As long as it does not run like those old Cyrix processors I will be happy!

Any one :)?


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4.3GHz might even be possible with standart voltage.

Its going to be somewhat limited, simply because if it were more capable it would have been binned as an 8370.

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A friend of mine got his 8350 to 4.6GHz.
I am rocking a 8320 at 4.12GHz with slightly higher voltage.
Where is the problem? Trying is free.

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I made this topic in the past, in which i posted scores that i was able to reach.
4.8GHz is the max i was able to get out of my FX8350.
Or atleast thats all that my motherboard allowed me to.

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Ah cool many thanks I will have a look in on that! :D

I got 4.4 stable out of stock voltage. 4.6 with voltage bumped up one notch.

I would say there are alot of factors to consider. How good is your mb for overclocking? Aircooling verses watercooling ? I have push buttoned overclocked my Sabertooth with an 8350 to 4.8 . No problem ? If i wanted to spent the time , i could take it further. Overclocking to the point of diminishing returns is a better goal to have. Like @Zypher720

I have a 212 Evo. I can't get the voltage high enough to support 4.6 because it gets hotter than what I'm comfortable with. Consumer grade overclocking is about getting free performance, not about spending $150+ to get a couple MHz higher.

Just go as high as you can before it breaks, then stop and just leave it there.

I have personally hit 5.25GHz on mine,
but I can easily hit 5.4GHz if I wanted to.
I do have an 280mm AIO though

Check this thread out.

I would say that is pretty good for an evo :) Which places you almost at the avg point of diminishing returns for most 8350's. I run D 14 for aircooling or H 100 for AIO watercool

I run 4.8ghz 24/7/365 on an FX-8320, and I have reached 5.0ghz with this particular chip. Main board is Sabertooth 990FX, cooling is a custom loop with 420mm worth of radiator. 8350 could maybe push a little more if it was a good example.

With a single 120mm radiator and a decent mid-range motherboard, 5GHz used to be very possible. Understand that newer FX-8350s are not as capable as the older chips, since they binned out all the great OC chips to make the 9370 and 9590.

That said, I hit 5.2GHz and ran it stable for a little over a year.

Do you think my 3 yr old chip will be able to step up to the mark?

Also I got a Asus M97 R2.0 what is pap but I was going to get a new motherboard anyway about 4 months before zen comes out get em on the cheap. As for cooling solutions I am open to ideas. Something decent priced.

I may still go to lan syndicate I am working out the logistics and saving the molah to get out there. I may pick up some parts in La-merica because it works out SO much cheaper to buy in the US. :<

Kind regards.


Almost certainly with the proper supporting hardware. You need a good motherboard, something like a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 (or their new 990FX-Gaming), ASRock 990FX Extrem6 or Extreme9, or the ASUS 990FX Sabertooth. Combine that with a decent enough cooler, H80i, H100, Kraken X41 or X61 (if you have space) and a case with decent enough airflow to not allow hotspots to build up around the motherboard.

I dont like to go past [email protected] but i was playing with it to 4.7 but i don't dare to hold that 24/7 to much voltage and heat.

I even made a profile in the bios when my wife uses the pc (when i am at work or don't game on it) so i run 3ghz at 1v trying every day a notch lower. (it's not prime stable but you tube and fb are not that demanding ;D )

Come to think about it what is the lowest one could underclock? Is there any danger of to much underclocking and undervolting?

Sorry for my bad English

I got up to 5.1 on an early 8350 with a Sabertooth 990FX board and a Kraken X60. I kept it at 5.0 though to lower the voltage a bit. Was rock solid stable.

While I may not have an 8350 my 8320e is at 4.4Ghz at 1.35v so...reference I guess? My friend has an 8370 and got to 4.8 at just under 1.48v.

Running on air(Noctua NH14) and on a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5(R3.0) I was able to hit 4.4 with 1.35V, avoided going higher due to ambient temp and my 770 keeping things warm.

5.0 at 1.45V cooled with a NH-D14. (got very lucky in chip lotto got a 9590 qualifier chip as 8350) will you get as good or better from an OC from a new chip doubtful. but could you do the same possibly but highly unlikely expect average results with an 8350 bought semi recently to be 4.6-4.7