How far can I take this?

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Hello Tek Syndicate crew and community, I'm 15 living in the UK ( so haven't really started life yet) and I am really interested in technology( be it mobile, gaming, PCs etc). Because I am coming to the point where I will have to decide what to do for a living, I want to do what I love to learn about: technology.

I actually have no clue about the type of jobs and how I get them; I was hoping to get insight on this. 

What type of jobs are out there?

What skills/qualifications do I need for them?

and how far can I take this hobby?


Thanks for all

Like you I am also 15 and living in the UK, I would recommend going to a collage and doing computer science and another course. After that if you have decided you still want to do the same thing go for a Cisco  and Microsoft certification. With the lack of jobs just about anything to do with I.T. now will be based on these two certifications and even with my stepdad being Microsoft certified and an IT Technician for 20 years he is still struggling to find a job. so my best advice would be go to collage get a clear idea of what you want to do, give your self the best chance of getting a job in that area of work and just keep at it.


In addition to what the guy above has stated. At this age, you're only testing the waters. There's every chance that you could take this hobby and turn it into a career. On the other hand, you might be interested in something else, in the future. You'll never know where life will lead you.

I say, go ahead and take any computer related college course, and see where you go with it. You might go onto university and do something totally different. College isn't going to create something that is set in stone. Though, it might feel like this is an important crossroad, it's not going to shape everything. You can always change course, or make further decisions on this path. So don't be too concerned with the decisions that you make at this time.

When you do gain some foresight, and decide on a industry you wish to enter; always augment your academic pursuits with industry qualifications and any practical work experience you can get.

You should start where you have interest. If you like computers, start as tech support. Move on to developer. I did this while I was a freshman/sophomore. From here I moved on to developer position. I enjoyed programming but not 40 hrs a week worth for a career. Graduated with a degree in systems analysis. I now do server administration, some programming, and some networking. I enjoy a good mix of everything.

There was a guy I worked with who was also a developer. He was leading a team of people working on some productivity project. We someone how got on the topic of brewing beer and it turns out this guy was a beer fanatic. I could tell he enjoyed beer more than developing. He had a degree in micro biology and engineering. The passion the guy talked about moving his cultured bacteria through pipes, valves, holding tanks, and growing his own hops was ridiculous. This guy didn't chase his dream, he can't even drink beer because of a medical condition but loved brewing it. Stick with something you really enjoy.