How far can I go with this?


I was wondering how far can I go overcloking my cpu with hyper 212 evo from cooler master.

What would be the most stable overclock? Baisicly how far should I go.

My cpu is i5 3570K.

Overclock until you reach around 70-80c temps on load when stressing. ... Bugger it. Here watch this -


The most stable overclock is no overclock at all. What you're asking for is a target. I'm only familiar with sandy bridge, but like deejeta already said, you can go as high as you want as long as temperatures don't go out of control. Also, be aware that not only high temps but also high voltages will kill your cpu. Don't go crazy with your motherboard features, as that will kill your mobo. In short, know what you are doing first. Either use the already posted guide or find one specifically for your cpu. Dont just play around without knowing what you are doing.

What are the current temperatures that you get on the stock speed? I have the same CPU and I OC'd it to 4.6 GHz  with a Corsair H60 closed loop. Before I got around upper 30's on idle and upper 40's under normal load. The only difference now is that I have a higher temperature under load, about 60, but still a very playable and acceptable temperature for the speed.


Also what motherboard do you have?

I got Gigabyte z77MX-D3H, I think the main question would be is it worth overclocking at all? Will it give you a good performance boost in gaming or just in editing software. I might not overclock at all resulting a more quiet system. When it comes to games I think I can sacrifice a few frames rather than try to overclock at in the end damage my system.

I overclocked mine to 4.2ghz only. Wasnt after a crazy overclock and 4.2ghz is a very stable overclock and just about all i5 3570k's should be able to reach that easy (unless you have a very very poor chip lol)