How exactly does one change email address here?

As topic says, I can’t seem to find the option to change my email… Odd


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part of the design of the forum is that user’s can’t change their own username or email.
Mods can change names (and flairs) and IIRC, see email addresses
Admins (superusers) are the only ones who can change the email.

Sarge, (called by Gigabutster) is the guy to help (others can, but are less active… Plus, we pick on the big guy because he’s so awesomesauce)

and then I realise that The_Riddick and Riddick already knows all this… from when he had his alt closed/whatever

Okay, let’s see what I can do here.

Looks like you’ve signed up with SSO.

It’s giving me a notification that “email can be changed through the SSO provider” and not allowing me to update emails.

It appears I am unable to make this change.

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But… But… Your power has no limits?

You can’t remove SSO?




Same here…

One thing I know will work is if @The_Riddick makes another account with the new email (and don’t use SSO), I can merge the accounts.

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I get the same and I’m fairly sure I didn’t sign up with SSO.
I did create my account back in “the old days”, but not sure what SSO even refers to here… I assume they are referring to google login and the like?

Hmmm, I can see that you’re not on SSO. But your email still has that issue…

Odd, I have the same and this account was created during the early discourse days.

There’s some fuckery afoot.


Luckily Detective SgtAwesomeHolmes is on the case…

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I can manipulate the db of need be just lmk if I’m needed

I’m not finding anything on this. I fear that if we do edit the DB, OP won’t be able to log in.

I’m trying to figure out if we can decouple the account from SSO, which is probably the first step.

Yes I’ve done that before. Once sso is off then email can be changed and op will need to do forgot password. They’ll get an email and can then reconfigure sso.

Iirc. Run some discourse servers for others. Lol

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But that is one of the issues. As Sgt says I’m not on SSO and I can’t change it either (I don’t feel the need to though). I think that might be a bug in Discourse too (or some setting).

Any updates on the SSO, I’m having the same problem. I would like to change my email since I’m trying to move away from google services as much as possible.

I wonder if this is resolved too? I need to change my email and it won’t let me.

Bumping also the issue as I didn’t use an SSO provider.
Could it be because my account dates back to tek days ?

I need to change mine too :confused:

I’m just following because this is interesting.

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