How:EVGA 6gb 780ti?

i want a 780ti 6GB, that's the base line,

i live in england and i don't have a desktop, and i am building one, and i wish that there would be a 780ti 6GB in my system, because i use blender for raytracing.  so, yeah. 

how?  and at what price?

seriously, i read the article twice and i still don't get how can i get a new 780TI 6GB, and can i water cool it?


and how long does it last for? can i still buy a 780ti 6GB next year?

cuz i couldn't find a 6gb model in the EVGA catalogue.


Isn't that just the titan black?

I want to put the same in the system I am building for iRay, the card is based on the standard 780 not the 780Ti. The 6gb card has been announced by EVGA and Palit but no release date has been confirmed,

The best way to work out the price would be to work out the %difference between the 770 2gb and 4gb and then use that to calculate the increase in price over a standard 780, until official pricing is released.

You have 3 months to pay the difference in price between whatever you buy now/soon and the 780 6gb when it is released with the step up program.

Why would you even need a 6gb 780TI in the first place?

Just get a Titan Black. Price is most likely going to be about the same. Plus you get Titans awesome Double precision. 

Memory size for GPU rendering is limited to the amount on the card, not on the motherboard. If the amount used by the program exceeds the amount on the GPU then it bottlenecks through the motherboard memory. GPU memory use for image rendering isn't cumulative either, 2 cards with 2gb each will still be limited to 2gb of overall memory usage.

The price difference between a 770 2gb and a 770 4gb is roughly 20-25%. As an EVGA 780 ACX retails at £399 you would probably be looking at upwards of £499 for the 6gb version. A Titan Black retails at £799 - is double precision worth the extra £300?

for the same price you might as well just get a work station card, the workstation one will work a lot better than a consumer one

£400 would bag a Quadro K2000 with all of 384 underclocked CUDA cores and only 2gb of memory. Even a low end GTX would trounce it for render times, though it might be less stable and more likely to overheat. 

Jeff Patton has an excellent piece on his website (which is unfortunately down atm) comparing a GTX, Quadro and Tesla for GPU rendering.

gah I was thinking of that new titan card for 3000$ instead of the 780ti

The reason TITAN exists is because prosumers need 2 things: More memory and double precision for compute.  If you're going to do production, don't settle for a gaming card that can sort of do it, that's all I can say. The TITAN/TITAN Black is the perfect card for a person like you.  It is a semi-professional card that can game.  That was it's intended demographic, at least after the 780Ti came into play.

As so many people fail to get. Quadro's and Firepro's are overpriced crap. Their gimped Geforce cards with no restriction of the colour rendering unlike Geforce cards that have poor colours.

Another thing to note, Geforce cards are gimped in the actual modeling enviroments in programs like 3DS Max. While thats being reduced with "Optimization" they still make it so any smart person would grab a quadro for modeling and then Geforce cards for rendering. And even then the equivent quadro is a good $3,000+ more than the Geforce version.

The Quadro K6000 which is a Titan Black with 12gb's of GDDR5 Memory is $12,000 NZD