How easy is it for a CPU to break a motherboard?

I broke my CPU yesterday while trying to replace its cooler (it was stuck to the cooler and was ripped out of its socket) and I was wondering if this was enoght to break the motherboard? I also later tried to place the CPU back into the motherboard but after straightning some bent pins on it (AMD CPU) it still didn't sit properly. I continued with the test anyways and the screen stayed black with all the fans and lights on my computer clearly working. I want to say that replacing the CPU will be enough to fix the problem, but I am worried that my mobo is broken too. Any advice?

What CPU?

If it dosent fit rigth there are still bent pins

AMD FX 8150 8-cores

If there are no bent pins and damage to the socket, you could be fine, however this situation usually happens with really crap thermal compound and I suggest swapping that out ASAP. If there is no damage chuck the CPU back in and see how you go. 

does the lock system of the am3+ socket still works?


This happened to my Phenom II X6 and it didn't work, however the same happened to an Athlon II I have and it still works now.

happened to me with my Phenom II X6 as well.  I ended up having all my pins bent and had to manually bend them back into place.  Once it was all aligned, it worked like a charm.  The nice thing is that motherboard sockets don't suffer from things like that, so you're pretty safe. 

Unless its an LGA socket then you are almost always garunteed screwed, especially if one of the pins breaks off in the socket.

Yeah with the Athlon I was able to bend them back but the phenom had a few snap.

LGA is a nice socket design but if you even break one of the pins in the stocket you are screwed and need a new motherboard, that is it's single major flaw. AM3+ needs about 30 or 40 more communication pins added to it because the 942 pins we have now isn't enough and is holding back the CPUs used in that socket.

I snapped 4 pins on my AMD Phenom II and it still works :D

lol, really man?

Intel has been a platform whore for too long, changing sockets like underwear, on mobiles (merom/penryn) and from nehalem to present.

Of the changes made to LGA1366, LGA2011, LGA1155 and LGA1150 most of them have been removing power pins that are no longer needed due to the lower stock TDP in each generation. Few of the data pins have actually been removed and in the case of the x58 to x79 platform change they added more data pins. I am by no means in any way a fan boy to either side. In fact I wish AMD would get off their lazy asses and change the AM3+ socket instead of just adding 3-4 power pins to it like they did from AM2-AM3.