How does this look for $500?

I would just like some opinions on this for Christmas, and I will be upgrading the ram to 8gb in February and the GPU or the CPU to something better.

Depends on what you're using the computer for.  For builds around 500 dollars, I would go with an AMD Athlon X4 760K.

This build would run single threaded games pretty well.  Games like MineCraft would work with decent framerates.

I will be using the computer for a lot of games. I will be playing Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 4, Planetside 2, LoL, Skyrim, Terraria, and on and on. I will probably upgrade to an i5 in February.

I'd advise you just save up for a larger budget.  The current build you have will probably run the games at low settings.  It might run Minecraft and Terraria ok, though.  Once you upgrade, you'll have a CPU and a GPU that are sitting around doing nothing, and become a waste of money.

Although unethical to some, you can save quite a bit of your budget by torrenting Windows 7.  You could get a much nicer GPU with a 160 dollar budget.

something like this would probably be better and get an i5 later but still has plenty of gpu power for all the new games

How about this, I will upgrade the GPU to this is February.


STOP WITH THE 1 STICK OF RAM! I'M GOING TO CRINGE TO DEATH! Always go with two sticks for dual channel goodness(yes there will be a performance difference).

Try this, it will perform just as well and the motherboard is a lot better in quality. It will keep your parts running a lot longer and MSI is known for making good components.

Go with the Athlon x4's they're a lot better than the pentiums. Look at this video, wraps it up nicely:

And if you're going to upgrade the gpu in februari anyway, get a cheaper GPU so you'll waste less money. My advice would be to either wait till februari altogether or just buy a decent GPU, smack it in your current system (like $300 or so) and get a $400 rig in februari excl the gpu (just putting up some random numbers, it depends on what you're willing to pay)

Alright I've upgraded the GPU in here, take a look. Also, to make you happy, there is 2 sticks of RAM. I made it to be AM3+ socket, so I can get an FX-8350 in February. Thoughts on this?

Go ahead and cringe to death. If he got two sticks he wouldn't be able to upgrade without getting rid of the old kit. Also it would be a very small performance difference,1705-11.html

well. if you wanna burn your mobo you can buy a fx 8350. the board can't handle the power of the fx 8350. you if you buy a fx 8350 you should go for a 990fx mobo. 970 is possible but 990fx is better.


Really, you're just throwing away money when you buy now and get something else a few months later. I know it's hard, but you're gonna get a better rig when you wait and save up or just buy a good gpu for the money you'd be able to spend on it in februari and smack it in your system now, and get the rest when you've saved up in feb.

Is that build a good base build at all then?


This guy is right, if you're planning on upgrading soon then just wait until then. It will expand your budget and let you build a much nicer rig.


it's over budged but i don't recommend lower gpu. you need at least a 7850 with 2gb.


you should get some more money. you need atleast 500$-550$ for a gaming pc and that will go for 2 years. cuz you can buy 8gig ram on sale like that awesom 2400mhz ram 2x4gig kit. that's really cheap. and buy a descent mobo with a fx 6300 and a 7870. a 80plus bronze psu that can handle crossfire 7870 and oc fx 6300. you need to buy a 30$ upgrade for cpu cooler so you can oc after 2 years (t40 is good) so you can play the new games. the 550$ is without windows and monitor, keyboard and mouse.


you shoul buy something like this:


the board is awesome and you can upgrade this to a fx 8350 if you want and you can oc your fx 6300 pretty good. a fx 8350 reach 4.6ghz easily and you fx 6300 will go over that 4ghz. so when your cpu isn't the best anymore you can oc it for beter performance

if you want 50$ less you can grab a 970 board. but 990fx is better for cf.

It actual isn't horrific but for the base components I would definitely change the power supply. Check into a cooler master 700w. They're ridiculously cheap but still 80 plus bronze. The case is nice and the graphics card isn't half bad but if you want to cut off a little bit of money from the case you can get the NZXT source 210. I would personally get an atx mobo and an fx processor if you can stretch your budget at all.

also get the tridentx ram or the sniper ram. 2x4gig is good and it is 2400mhz for 68$. prices will be higher every day cuz they stop making ddr3 ram. i agree on the gpu. buy some cheap stuff like the 200r. great case for 29$. normally 50-60$. if your on a budget it is all about sales

Yeah, as much as people emphasize dual channel, it doesn't help all THAT much.