How Does This Look, Fellas?

I'm pretty sure I've picked everything that is compatible, but it's never a bad idea to make sure.  And, to clear up questions you might have before hand. I'm setting up RAID 1 for all of my files, hence the two HDDs, and I don't have the money for a bigger SSD so I'm just getting one to put my OS and Guitar Pro on. So please don't tell me to get a bigger SSD. And I do plan to overclock as much as I feel comfortable to, which is why I went with a higher wattage PSU than I need.

without further adue...

 Edit: The main thing I'm posting this for is the RAM and the motherboard. Since that RAM is not on Gigabyte's site as a tested and compatible RAM I'm trying to make sure it will work before I buy everything next month.

why are u getting such expensive ram i saw the g skill sniper series for only 52 bucks


 for ram use this one, crucial 8gb cl9 1866 mhz

I chose the same.


and here is a mainboard with 3x pcie 16x and cheaper:

the problem is, that it doesn't support fx 8350 right out of the box officialy, you can do a driver update. But I have read in forums, that it supports it anyways.





why do you spend so much on your mainboard, if you get an fx 6300? I would suggest, if you don't want to overclock now, spare (for now) the cooler, and grab an fx 8350, then later get an aircooler.

I can't imagine that ram is not compatible, though it is a tad overpriced. Just out of curiosity, why are you spending $160 on hard drives?

 And don't get two seperate Harddrives! Get a seagate barracuda 2TB!:



oh, yeah. Your power supply...

get the xfx 850 pro, the price diffrence is not big anymore.

and make sure, to da a driver update after you are done, and you have installed windows 7.(biostar mainboard)

and before I forget:

if you buy a better psu, than you'll have about 40-30 bucks left. (if you buy the 2tb seagate b.) Spend that on you ssd!

a san disk extreme

an adata what ever

check the ssd speeds and prices. I managed to spare me 40-20 bucks by finding the san disk extreme ssd for 94 €! I HOPE THIS HELPS









or some other ssd, just check the prices in your country.

As I said in the first post, I'm getting 2 HDDs so I can put them in RAID. And, yes, I know the RAM is a little expensive..but it's pretty sexy, ha.  I might take Giant's advice and go for the 8350, and get a cooler later, along with cheaper RAM, after thinking about it.

huh, this post seemed like I was on drugs or something. Nevermind. It's gone.

Windows 7 full is going around 50 bucks if you know where to look. Grey market is 20-45 bucks. 199! you could buy almost 2 copies of windows 8/10 with that.

I bought that very same motherboard I think 6 months to a year back. Go check other dealers. PC Partpicker starting to be like Amazon. I think new on ebay is like 100-150 bucks max free shipping. Not sure if it was here or but fellow members been selling them as low as 50-100 bucks to upgrade to another motherboard.

That Xigmatek is also out of production? I think i still have mine from C2D days (2005ish?). Just get Hyper Evo 212 30 bucks max. You can also snag a AMD FX 8350 for 100-150 bucks from a person who is upgrading too.

Fractal R5 is also cheaper by 20 bucks for some reason on ebay. I think there's a guy selling on the forum here for 60-80 bucks.

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