How does this GTX 680 OC look?

So, I have been running my 680 4GB at stock clocks in regret for purchasing such a card, and only getting 120Mhash/s when mining, at the most. It was sad; I never thought about mining when I got it :| However, I still love it, and want it to run at its best, for both mining, [email protected], and gaming in general, so, I decided to start OCing it. It is an EVGA card, so it has a pretty decent cooler, and I believe I'm getting okay temps, for the OC, at least. Anyhoo, here is my EVGA Precision X config, right now:


How does that look for an EVGA 680 4GB FTW+ on air?


Any input is appreciated - thanks :D



That's, what, a 40% overclock over a stock 680? Pretty good, if it's stable and cool enough. It beats my 7870's.... 5% overclock. Which it got at the factory. I guess I got the runt of the litter.

At the end of the day, though, if you want to mine, Nvidia is the wrong side of the fence.

Definitely, but it is fantastic for Photoshop :)


Wish I had gotten a 7970 :(

Don't we all wish for a 7970...