How does this build look?

Building another PC looking for some feedback. 

Using a Corsair 900D Case. (Not on the list)

UPDATED with diffrent  GPU (


Looks overkill, But I like it. I would say though, drop whatever you have to throw in a 7970 or 680 over a 670. As long as you're going big, better to go home.

Should i stick with EVGA or do you think MSI/ Gigbite is better?

if you gonne do only gaming the a HD7970.

if there is a reason about youre cuda needs, then stay with the GTX680

Is there a reason for 2 monitors?

For Sony Vegas Editing.

7970 ^^ i readed it does a very good job in vegas.


Small changes.

IPS panel amazing quality monitors.

LGA 2011, might just be me but I refuse to suggest LGA1155 for a higher end build like this.

Zowie mouse will look/perform a bit nicer and is plug in play if that's your thing like it is mine.

ADATA SSD es better.

You can fit the dominator ram in if ya' want. I probably would if I were you too, it's beautiful hahaha.

I was going suggest a different/higher watt psu, but honestly I love corsairs super high quality shit too.

Idk if you'd really need the cooler but fuck it why not.

I aimed this toward the future kinda.