How does the adaptive voltage work on the asus ROG mother boards?

So, i have a maximus 6 formula and  i7 4770k and i have an overclock of 4.6ghz  stable at 1.2V. I've run aida 64 and its completly stable,i wanted to turn on the adaptive voltage setting in the uefi so that it would draw less power at idle but it just blue screens as soon as i boot with this setting enabled? from my understanding on adaptive mode it should draw the power it needs when under load so why is it blue screening ??? 

Adaptive voltage is a mixed bag - you really need to learn the happy range of your cpu. Add to that the inbuilt voltage regulator inside the haswell chip itself. From what Ive played with haswell oc'ing, adaptive oc'ing is a p.i.t.a. You can try - leaving the offset @ auto, then plug in 1.2 in the turbo mode voltage setting. Pure manual voltage settings will always be better imho. Dont worry about power draw, the amount saved would most likely equate to a bag of crisps over a couple of years use.

that doesn't seem too complicated, I will try that then thanks for the help mate. If i cant get it working i will keep it on manual, i just figured it would increase the life of the cpu if i could get adaptive working.