How does one get more than 100 kills in BF4?

I play BF4 a lot, and I do mean a lot. I generally see kill numbers from lucky and maybe good players in the 40’s, 50’s,& 60’s. Last night I joined a server with about 45 players active and one person had 145 kills. I commented in the chat and asked if this didn’t raise any red flags. That guy commented that he was just good. I’ve never seen anybody that good in BF4. How can you get away with obvious cheating? I’m really getting sick of playing games with cheaters, it ruins the game for everybody.

It would kind of depend on the map and what the guy was actually using. I’ve got around 360 hours on BF4 and the most kills I’ve ever got was around 45 on metro that was done by just setting down my lmg with a bipod, but I’ve seen a good attack chopper gunner - pilot duo get 120 kills between them on some of the larger maps.

If this guy was just using infantry though, I would personally suspect something was amiss - but in vehicles it’s plausible if he is a really good player.

I agree, very good chopper pilots/ flight crews can Really mop up the battlefield, and with an engineer or two on board, keep killing and killing…

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I’ve gotten 73 kills in a round with a little bird once. You’re right though sounds impossible.

I don’t know the answer to that but how does one finish the campaign on console without it bugging out and wanting to make you throw up? My goodness my experience with that game on older consoles was horrifying. Sorry I can’t pass on any tips for MPer but good luck in figuring out how to get where you want. HaPpY GaMiNg!

hundreds of hours of play time coupled with vehicles and decent reflexes on a 1500+ ticket match makes 100+ kills easy. just takes a long time to get through each match.

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Good point. The ticket count would play a big part.

I’ve seen people in the 80-90 range on normal ticket count maps. They were either chopper or LAV.

when i played BF3 i only played maps that had 1K plus tickets and usually played 64 player matches so it was nuts. only thing i hate was no voice chat was piss poor choice. have not bought another BF game since became to call of duty to me way to quick. worried about balance instead of actual weapon performance in real life. ( loved bullet physics hated dmg mods done to weapons. )

Few friends all play assault style regardless of the actual weapons and they wrap a lot of kills, that seems to be the most effective style, and even mid range goes really badly compared to my own playstyle, but these types just fight close quarters and go from point to point

So my playstyle only climbs to top numbers if I get some rubber boat miniguns, boat side guns, choppers secondary guns, same for tanks second slot
I have really good battlefield awareness when it comes to positioning and flanking, mass of humans is a bit like dumb ai, and I can take out fighters with rubber boat

When it comes to collecting just points by myself, I get more by playing commander as nobody knows how to use squad leader, and its impossible to get to be squad leader

Flying is fucking epic, but if you are good with those things you’d know that you’ll be the n.1 every time