How does my website look? So far, I have just about everything done except for the higher level PHP stuff. Some content needs to be made but other than that, its quite done.


How does it look? 

Also if you want to see: 


That last page. 

It''s so beautiful. 

Looks good

Its my 404, so you can goto any false link under it and bam :D

Looks nice man.

Thanks :D

Im already late for this I imagine but try avoid using the <center> tag it will bring problems in the future trust me it happened to me just use margin:auto also try using <div> more often and try to imagine everything like squared that you are trying to basically make a tower that doesn't tumble, like imagine a square and all the content inside that square and put a div = the square and div to everything inside the square try not putting links that go nowhere example the about, share and etc.. why put it if everything is already at the bottom? and can be easily seen and did you use photoshop to make the draft for your website?

I use <center > for a reason. It isn't ever buggy for me or people that review the website.

If you looked at it the font size is 13px+ and loos fine. I've tested it. I leave the css like that because its meant to be read easily by anyone wanting to. Its an open source project and I want to kee it that way. If you don't like the website I'm sorry but that's your opinion.