How does my website look?

Hey guys so I've been working for a bit for a friend on this website, (yes it's dropbox based at the moment) and he didn't have any prior idea to what he would need. He just wanted a website. 

So I spent a good hour tweaking around with some HTML5 and CSS3 and ended up with this (might be small changes): Nothing was in photoshop I have all of the code behind using Webkit to really start it and working on the implementations for the other platforms (bad habbit I know :/ )

So, tell me. How did I do so far?

I like the idea for the nav, a lot of white space but I'm assuming it is still in heavy development.

Yeah it's amazing what you can do with a bit of css3 these days.. I'd tend to avoid it as JavaScript is much more widely supported, I doubt IE7 or even 8 will run the css3 properly

So that's my first thought (I know it's fun but some simple JS will make it comptable with pretty much everything)

Second is the colors don't really match up well.. the best advice I can offer here (unless those are like the corporate colors or something) is to go to, pick a palette and stick to it

Lastly you are using a skeuomorphic design (the UI which resembles actual physical objects (stitched cloth)), for this to work you really need to consider how a physical object would look and behave. The biggest issue I can see is the shading; the nav buttons have a shadow and the pocket thing (and the text itself) also casts a shadow on the buttons, I know adding a quick shadow can make something really stand out and look cool but it doesn't really fit.. 

Welp, those are the more obvious things, It can be painful I know.. with all the amazing new css3 and html5 stuff coming out it's hard to stick to the old ways just to maintain compatability

Oh yeah nice markup anyway, it's pretty rare to see a neat div/list layout.. even bigger sites usually have gross table layouts and inline styles

Everything is very smooth with is a huge plus nowadays but there is a lot of empty areas, though I'm sure that'll be addressed before the end of developement. 

Yeah its suppose to be a bit minimalistic just for simplicity sake.

Thanks, I do my best to actually keep things from start to finish very clean. That is just me tho. Thanks for the advice but it is actually for a the group's colors.

As of now they want me to center it all because essentially the website is just a redirect to the many links of the group. I'm working on a couple of alternative designs for if they want to host music and such.

looks good just add some designs to the background (maybe some curved black lines or something) and i think it will all be good